Official Google Assistant Integration for openHAB

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There is no example for the open/close trait in the initial post. Does it only work with blinds?
It would have been great to have it with windows as well as doors (automatic doors like garagedoors. Ie switchable devices)) as well.

Uh no, like anything discussed in this topic, it works with anything that you give a Blinds tag to.


we have a problem with Inversion of commands. It is known and we try to fix it asap. Sorry for that.

BR Mehmet

Does anybody have an example of a full working thermostat? I have this:

Group g_Thermostat "Thermostat" [ "Thermostat" ]
String ThermostatMode "Thermostat mode" (g_Thermostat) [ "homekit:HeatingCoolingMode" ]
Number ThermostatCurrentTemperature "Thermostat current temperature" (g_Thermostat) [ "CurrentTemperature" ]
Number ThermostatHumidity "Thermostat humedity" (g_Thermostat) [ "CurrentHumidity" ]
Number ThermostatTargetTemperature "Thermostat target temperature" (g_Thermostat) [ "TargetTemperature" ]

But after re-syncing devices in Google Assistant, Thermostat always appears as offline in Google Home.
If I comment out the mode:

Group g_Thermostat "Thermostat" [ "Thermostat" ]
//String ThermostatMode "Thermostat mode" (g_Thermostat) [ "homekit:HeatingCoolingMode" ]
Number ThermostatCurrentTemperature "Thermostat current temperature" (g_Thermostat) [ "CurrentTemperature" ]
Number ThermostatHumidity "Thermostat humedity" (g_Thermostat) [ "CurrentHumidity" ]
Number ThermostatTargetTemperature "Thermostat target temperature" (g_Thermostat) [ "TargetTemperature" ]

After I re-sync, the thermostat appears online, but, obviously, the mode doesn’t work. Also, there is no trace of the humidity.
What am I doing wrong?

But doesnt blinds assume it´s a “dimmer” type?? (0-100%)
I havn´t tried, but I would suspect the icon in google home would be a blind as well.

No, it is a blinds/rollershutter type. Or an OpenClose trait in Google action terms.
Icon is indeed looking like blinds

Just added the tags to my windows (Velux). They appear as blinds on Google home, but I can not controle them at all from the Google Home app… Why is that?

Rollershutter Vindue01 "Vindue stue syd-øst 1 [%d]"      ["Blinds"] { velux="thing=actuator;channel=serial#56:08:1D:26:06:29:06:C7" }
Rollershutter Vindue02 "Vindue spisestue øst 2 [%d]"     ["Blinds"] { velux="thing=actuator;channel=serial#56:08:1D:26:06:30:0A:CD" }
Rollershutter Vindue03 "Vindue stue nord-øst 3 [%d]"     ["Blinds"] { velux="thing=actuator;channel=serial#56:08:1D:26:06:29:12:03" }
Rollershutter Vindue04 "Vindue køkken syd-øst 4 [%d]"    ["Blinds"] { velux="thing=actuator;channel=serial#56:08:1D:26:06:29:08:7B" }
Rollershutter Vindue05 "Vindue stue syd-vest 5 [%d]"     ["Blinds"] { velux="thing=actuator;channel=serial#56:08:1D:26:06:29:14:5B" }
Rollershutter Vindue06 "Vindue spisestue vest 6 [%d]"    ["Blinds"] { velux="thing=actuator;channel=serial#56:08:1D:26:06:30:0C:A1" }
Rollershutter Vindue07 "Vindue køkken nord-øst 7 [%d]"   ["Blinds"] { velux="thing=actuator;channel=serial#56:08:1D:26:06:29:0D:0D" }
Rollershutter Vindue08 "Vindue stue nord-vest 8 [%d]"    ["Blinds"] { velux="thing=actuator;channel=serial#56:08:1D:26:06:29:14:5C" }

My garagedoor is a switch type. So if I understand you correctly - If I add the Blinds tag to this item, I can controle the garagedoor by saying either open or close?
(Its working with turn on/turn off atm).

I noticed the same. Voice commands work fine though. So things like open, close, stop and a percentage work fine. (Except for the inverted issue mentioned before)
I’d say this is fully related to how Google has implemented this though.

Humidity doesnt show, but should work.
However, I have not been able to get it to work for quite sometime now… I think it´s an Google issue… When I ask whats the humidity is in a specific room, Google tells me it´s unable to help. But it did worked some time ago.

I just tried voice command, asked Google to open one of the windows… It wasnt reversed, infact it send value 100 to the item.

From my point of view, it would also make more sense to send the commands UP and DOWN instead of 0 and 100 for the voice commands “Shutter up” and “Shutter down”, as is the case with the default buttons.

For doors, windows: open/close.
For locks etc: lock/unlock

3 of my thermostats, that have “Mode” option are showing “Offline” in Google Home. But one that has only temperature are working fine. Previously all of them was fine. It all started recently.

Unfortunatly it doesnt work with everything. It wont work for switch type items.
I use a switch type for my garageport. When inserting the Blinds tag for this type will resolve in this issue, when asking Google to open the garageport:
Since my garageport is a switchable/contact. (it just need a pulse to start moving either way), it wont do using a rollershutter/dimmer.

2019-05-18 15:31:45.537 [WARN ] [rest.core.internal.item.ItemResource] - Received HTTP POST request at 'items/garage_bryggers_NV' with an invalid status value '100'.

So the item definition type has to be rollershutter or dimmer. I dont see how else it should be possible.
And to be honest, it makes perfect sense to me. Blinds/rollershutters/dynamic windows etc are not static values like on/off. They´re dynamic (ie 0-100%).

Therefore there is a need of a Tag to use open/close trait for switches or contacts (I believe contacts would make most sense for doors/windows(no dynamic) sensors as they´re in a principal matter the exact same as a relay contact. Unfortunatly door/windows sensors are often defined as switches, which is confusing. But that part has nothing to do with Google Assistant or the binding. In my opinion its a misunderstand of the right terms in the principal of a contact.

Me neither, the google home app shows an icon with a gear in the top left.
Unfortunately this icon has no control button (On/off, open/close, %) so the only way to control the roller shutter is using voice commands.
It seems like this kind of item is only partially integrated/supported

Is everyone experiencing the same?

same here! and plus now I am not able to sync devices both on assistant and google home: it says there is an error in the sync process.

Actually it does:

Yeah thats because they use open/close. And thats okay as well. But it wont work in openhab with the blinds, cause a contact or a switch will not be able to do anything with a 0-100 value.
In Google - open just mean 100%. It doesnt mean ON, like close doesnt mean OFF. But ON/OFF is needed for contacts and switches.
There are ways to deal with it… Either Google traits allow to use open/close for switchable/contact devices. Or there has to be defined a switchable/contact Tag in openhab.

But the problem is still in OH when devices arent recognized correctly, like door/window sensors PIR´s etc becoming switches. They´re not. They should be contacts. Switches is what you put your finger onto and turn it on or off, (could be buttons as well). Contacts are relay´s states…

did you check if you have more than one tag per item? in my setup if I have more than one tag for each item google says that there is an issue with the sync

Just sharing, that blinds responds to command hey google, set blinds to 90% in expected way, means closing to 90% (almost closed). Google response is OK, opening two things to 90% (I have to roller shutters linked to room where google mini is linked too).
Command set blinds to 0% opens roller shutters completely.
Commands open the blinds renders to closing roller shutters, and command close the blinds renders to open the roller shutters.