Official tuya home assistant support

I see they’ve announced offical home assistant support. It does look like it’s cloud based, but they may be working on local control.

Should someone from official openHAB potentially reach out to tuya and ask “what about us”?

I haven’t looked at the ins and outs of how it works, I did see in a diagram and it seems to have a remote mqtt.


I recall someone saying that they were thinking about creating a Tuya binding after they’re satisfied with their current binding project. Darned if I can remember who it was, as they might be interested in this.

I’d do it myself if I had the developer skills and time, but I have neither. Now that Tuya has made it more difficult to flash Tasmota and started using non-ESP32 chips, native integration could be a big factor in new users choosing HA over OH.

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I think it was Dave @delid4ve

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It could be on my agenda still, but I am absolutely stacked at work right now and the way it’s going it don’t look like letting up until Xmas :weary:

Wish I had the time guys but I just can’t commit at the moment.

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It’s the thought that counts, Dave. Good to clarify it here, in case someone else wants to pick up the torch. :wink:

Is there any updates on this topic ?
It would be great if there was an Tuya binding.
At the moment I control those devices via .rule and echo smart control.
Sadly HomeAssistant are big steps ahead from OH :frowning:

I wish I could do it myself, but I’ve never done something like that before and don’t know how to start or if I “understand” it…

And update to this…I’ve put down home assistant to see how “leaps ahead it is”…and honestly that official tuya binding we’re not missing out of much.

It’s cloud tied, doesn’t expose the power items for my two Kogan Smart plugs with power monitoring (Ex-Australian plugs).

I’ve had way more success with the AgentK tuya to mqtt container referenced in : Tuya devices to Openhab via MQTT - a working solution (without flashing)! - Tutorials & Examples - openHAB Community

Any updates on this?

But… They have it by default/standard and we don’t. So home assistant 1, openHAB 0.
Just started researching this topic because I’m looking to buy some tuya stuff and the lack of a binding astonished me. Mostly because it’s already done.

Smarthomej has it.
Can we get a conversation going on this topic?

Edit: got an answer on my topic. I’ll try to contact the dev and see if we can arrange something.

I’ve been using the tuya-mqtt solution and it has been working fine so far.

Smarthomj is one of our maintainers, @J-N-K. So, I assume there’s a reason it hasn’t been added yet.