Offline installation possible?

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I’ve been looking around for an offline installation download of openHAB 2.
Do you know if it is possible to download binaries for an offline Installation?

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Check here for Linux, for windows and mac the methods are similar!
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Absolutely, just download the normal and extract openHAB distribution (or use a current one) and the openhab2-addons.2.1.0.kar from the release directory:

It should no longer be dependant on the internet when you add the openhab2-addons.2.1.0.kar file into your {extracted folder}/addons folder.

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Thanks for your post. I already tried your instructions over an hour ago but my major problem is that (using localhost:8080) the only printed message is “Please stand by while UIs are being installed. This can take several minutes.”

Do you know what to do?

It should be fine as long as the addons version is the same as the distribution version. Your best bet is to stop openHAB from running, clear the userdata/cache and userdata/tmp folders completely, restart openhab and check the logs for any errors.

If that’s not working for you, let us know what these errors are and what your current setup is.

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Thanks for your help! It now works. My problem was the uncleaned cache and temp directory.

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:slight_smile: Glad you got it sorted!

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