Offline Voice Control integration in openhab with multiple microphone

Dear openHab Community,

i am planning to deploy openhab in my home.
i would like to use offline voice control system to control openhab. For this purpose i would like to have microphone in living, kitchen, hall, office and bed room to operate openhab.

is it possible to use openhab for this purpose? if yes, how? is there any documentation?
Has someone experience with that?

any help is welcome!


Wow, that’s a VERY high point of entry that you set yourself up here!!

The answer to your question is YES, it can be done. It’s called HABbot.
For the microphones from different rooms, I don’t know, but it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Now, please read:

and follow the link at the bottom

You need to decide if openHAB is right for you
If yes, then install it. Follow the docs, not some video on youtube (Most are out of date)
Follow the docs to the letter. Step by step. Don’t miss one or don’t skip one because you think your know better, you don’t.

Once installed and running. Follow the tutorial. Again set-by step.
Copy the examples, DON’T COPY AND PASTE. Copy them, line by line, letter by letter. This way you’ll get to understand the code.

Good luck


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thanks for the information provided by you.
i will read about HABbot and will think about that how could be the solution look like?

thanks for links as well to read :slight_smile:

You could also look at the Snips project to handle the multiple room voice issues.

With openHAB2 handling all of the building control.

For the record, I agree completely with @vzorglub

The other question is…

What technology are you installing, or do you have up and running already, to deal with the physical control?

the plan is to install knx. i hope it answers your question

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thank you for pointing that project. i will read it.
thanks for support & Cheers