Offset by minutes

is it possible to offset a value in a chart by minutes. i get values from an opendata project that are time shifted and i want to plot those with the ones i measure. i use a rrdj4 persistence.

Haven’t tried that myself. Have a look to How to overlap an offset time series in OH3? (Corelate yesterdays values vs. today) - #6 by ysc . In that case an offset of one day is used. The YAML code uses day as offsetunit. May be it works with minute as offsetunit as well.

I have already taken note of this thread, the offset by day also works perfectly. Unfortunately, it does not work with minutes or hours, although it is provided in the documentation so.

I have the same problem, because I want to shift a calculated average value by 1 hour (Display of an average in a chart)
So far as I found out, the offset only works with “chartType: day”.

Did you find a solution for that problem?

Same problem here!
I want to shift the bar chart 1 hour to the left, basically offset by 1 hour.
It works fine for daily but doesn’t seem to work with hours.

Situation is that the Tibber API sends the hourly consumption logically only after the hour is completed. So the consumption for the time frame 11-12 o’clock gets persisted for exampe at 12:00:02 to 12-13 o’clock.
Currently shifting by one hour in the offset menu corrupts the whole chart and inserts wrong values.

Here the 0.497 kWh were consumed from 11-12 o’clock but shows at 12-13.