OH ZWave Device Support for Aeotec Water Sensor 7 (ZWA018)

Hi all,

I recently bought a new leak detector, the Aeotec Water Sensor 7. It lists itself as ZWA018-A02

I included it into my OH Zwave system, it finds the device as Z-Wave Node 038 (0371:0102:0012:2.3) but the device type comes up as unknown.

On the zwave binding page, the link to the devices supported only lists a few Aeotec devices, but no water sensor 7.

On the opensmarthouse page it does list this device and says it is supported by OH-Snapshot approved 12-8-2022.

I am running OH 4.1 so I’d have suspected that whatever was in the snapshot back in 2022 would be in a release already, but I decided to grab the latest snapshot version of the zwave binding and try again. So I uninstalled the normal binding, downloaded the latest snapshot and dropped the .jar into my /usr/share/openhab/addons directory. OH finds the binding and confirms it as version

I forced the sensor to wake several times but the thing for this device didn’t update. I decided to exclude/re-include it into my system and the same problem remains. It finds the device no problem, but the device type remains unknown.

I’ve uploaded my device node .xml here for reference:
network_ff9ea1e8__node_38.xml (13.1 KB)

Can anyone point me how to resolve this issue and get this device working in my system?

The device in the DB is 0371:0002:0012. If while reviewing the parameters your device is the same, you can just add 0102:0012 to the Device Type. Otherwise you will need to add your XML per the Blog.

EDIT: If you want to test the existing configs use this file
zwa018_0_0.xml (11.8 KB)
and this method. The folder in this case is mkdir /home/openhabian/jarmodify/OH-INF/thing/aeotec (using the example)

@mzeijen - I just found your post on a similar topic trying to get this device supported here:

Did you ever have any luck?

look at https://community.openhab.org/t/test-zwave-js-ui-in-place-of-zwave-binding
Switched to Zwave-JS-UI recently and not regretting my decision.
Zwave-JS-UI is supporting more than twice as many devices compared to Zwave binding (https://devices.zwave-js.io).
Your device is listed there.
The referred community post describes the migration to Zwave-JS-UI.
Reach out in case of further questions.

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Thanks @Chri46 - I’ll have a look.

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