OH2.2 stopping log:tail by Ctrl+C quits OpenHAB too

I recently upgraded to OH2.2 release built from OH2.2 snaphot and have an issue with the console. When I view the log with


and stop it with Ctrl+C it does not only quit the log view, but also OpenHAB. Futhermore it leaves me with an unresponsive terminal. in the snapshot versoin it was still normal. My system is a Xubuntu 64bit. Anyone with the same issue? How to fix it?

The same happens with the OpenHAB 2.3.0 snapshot release from today.


OH 2.2 Stable & 2.3 Snapshot use Karaf 4.1.3 where this bug (still) exists (since 4.1.2)
When the bug will be resolved, it will be included in a newer version of the Karaf core… then we will need to wait for a new snapshot release that will use the newer Karaf core (this could be days/weeks after the bug is fixed)

I don’t know if in these cases, an issue should be logged with @ https://github.com/eclipse/smarthome/issues (@maintainers ?)

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How are you starting OH?
I’m running on a Raspi3 and do start OH like: "sudo systemctl start openhab2.service"
That way OH is running in a different session and can’t be killed the way you observe, at least I think so!

I start it in a terminal window by

sudo su -s /bin/bash -c '/somefolder/openhab-2.3.0-snap/start.sh' openhab

…and you are using this terminal for the Karaf console as well? If yes, try it with a different terminal, keeping fingers crossed.
Using a service as posted above, I do not observe this this problem.

thats how you stop the log duh :slight_smile: is there any more commands/shortcuts i should know ?