OH2 Fibaro Smoke Sensor - Smoke Alarm doesn`t work

i have a issue with a Fibaro Smoke Sensor FGSD-002.
All channels are linked to items and some working well but not the important channel smoke alarm.

Working well:
tamper alarm - after i configured param 2: z-wave notifications status: all notifications enabled

dosen`t work
smoke alarm

In case of smoke alarm (trigger with real smoke) in log i can see a alarm report
11:07:47 alarm report smoke - no further action
11:09:27 alarm report smoke - state update channel and the item state is set to OFF, correct

As long as the channel state not set to ON then occur a smoke alarm, its not possible to use.
What can i do in the configuration? Thanks for help.

My usecase - OH2 2.1.0 and z-wave binding 2.1.0

doing a test alarm by holding the button triggers the smoke channel?

yes, after push the test button manually the channel will trigger to state ON (switch item) :anguished:

And now?
Real smoke dosen*t trigger and a test triggert the channel?

well I never tested with real smoke …

can you send a debug log with
-hold test button
-real smoke

the difference should be visible and i can update the database with the needed event

edit: the log from above should be enough - can you paste the part triggered with real smoke please

ok, here is the log after push the test button:

Is this enough or do you need the raw log-files?

yes the raw log - the snippet when the smoke alarm happens is enough

ah, its not difficulty

the log with real Smoke

the log after push the test button

test seems event type 3 (this is configured in the db)
real smoke type 2

i will both types to the same channel …

please help me once again.
What should I do?

i made the changes
however you need to wait until @chris updated the binding with the last database changes

once that was done you need to un and reinstall the binding to get the new version
then delete smoke sensor (only the thing; no exlcusion needed) and readd it

then make another test with smoke and please also tell us if the test was succesful

ok, much thanks.

But i use the package repository installation. How do i recongnize that the binding is updatet? And after that, can i do the reinstallation in the paper UI?

check ESH-INF for updates :wink: shortly after that there is probably a build with the new database updates.
then uninstall and reinstall in paper ui.

I can confirm that a real smoke test is not triggering the ‘Smoke Alarm’ channel, while a test alarm is working properly. I am a bit surprised that an update of the database by @chris must followed by a reinstallation of the whole binding and deleting the smoke sensors. That’s quite a bit of work on my site as I am using 10 smoke sensors.

Unfortunately that’s the way the system works. The things are stored in the config database - there’s no way to update them, so you need to delete them from the system and add them back.

All right then! At least I know what’s going on. I am pretty much interested that the smoke alarm works properly when it is needed most (read: in case of a fire). I created some rules depending on this, e.g. turning on my lights and opening all rollershutters in my house. With the real smoke test I just realized that this crucial part of my smart home is not working.

Any idea when you find time to update the database?
Thanks for your support!!

Of course :slight_smile: .

Sorry - I’ve not followed this thread at all so I’m not sure what is being requested. I think at least in the development version it should work fine.

If there’s an update needed, then anyone can edit the database of course :wink: .

Well, this sounds to me as if I have to wait until there is an update to the binding. Correct me if I am wrong :wink:

Ok, if the changes have already been made then I’m currently processing the database updates right now. As I said, I hadn’t read all the messages above so didn’t follow what was needed.

Ok thanks! Don’t worry, my quote was not meant to be offensive!

No worries - I realise that (you smiled nicely at the end :wink: ).