OH2 Front End Options?

I may finally make the complete switch over from OH1 to OH2 in the next week or so. It seems OH2 is definitely stable enough to make the change.

My only reason for holding back so long is the WAF really liking ImperHab as her preferred app on her phone, and Imperihab is still not ready yet for OH2.

Can anyone provide a general list of of known, working OH2 Front End Displays? I know of the below 3, but are there any others?

1, Rotini - works with OH2 (and love it, just need to convince wife to change)
2. The Default OH app.
3. Dashing Project - Does this work with OH2 for tablets?

Take a look at HABpanel

HABpanel is really easy to use. I am using it on an iPad 2.

Did you see https://github.com/openhab/openhab2-addons/pull/1197?
I didn’t yet have the time to review it, but you can build it yourself and install it - feedback on the PR is welcome, if you come across any issues with it!