OH2 repeated writes to KNX interface

Hello everybody,

I am running OPenHAB 2 on a small debian machine (Fujitsu Futro S900). I am using a Weinzierl 731 KNX interface. The KNX binding is configured with

ip= # ip of the Weinzierl interface
type=TUNNEL # the 731 is not a router
localIp= # ip of the debian machine

A dimmer item is configured as follows:

Dimmer Lgt_EG_GM_WZ		"Licht PYSY Wohnzimmer"	<sofa>				(EG_GM_WZ) 	{knx="0/3/3+<0/3/6, 0/3/4, 0/3/5+<0/3/7"}

The Weinzierl interface uses the physical address 1.1.8
When I move the slider in the UI, I can see a strange behavior in the ETS5 group monitor:

  • a % value is send from 1.1.8 to 0/3/5
  • the LED controller 1.1.3 answers that value to 0/3/7; and the LED is dimmed to that value

… so far, so good. but then…

  • the value is repeatedly resend every 3 s from 1.1.8 to 0/3/5 (7 times).

If I change the slider during that time, I can get very strange behaviors: dimming up,down,up,down…

Any idea what goes wrong??

Thanks for any hint,


Probably i had the same error.
with another knx Bundle it looks good now

Hello everybody,

here is an additional piece of information. I looked into the log file and found the following error:

2017-02-18 09:07:08.703 [ERROR] [.binding.knx.internal.bus.KNXBinding] - Value '74' could not be sent to the KNX bus using datapoint 'command DP 0/3/5 Lgt_EG_GM_WZ, DPT main 0 id 5.001, low priority' - giving up after second try: no confirmation reply received for L-Data.req from 1.1.249 to 0/3/5, low priority hop count 6 repeat tpdu 00 80 bd

and indeed, looking to the group monitor, there is no response from 0/3/5. The response comes from 0/3/7 as it has been defined in the items file. After the 2nd retry openHAB stops sending and that is what I can see also on the bus. So what goes wrong here?

BTW I am using 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT Build #587

Thanks for any help - mclane

Has anyone solved the problem? I have the same.