OH3.1 textual files not working corrrectly

Hello all,

After installing latest snapshot 2101 and reboot my system,
my items files are not linked anymore when i look to the things in oh3.

My create links with the ui are also not active any more.
Only when i create new one, the stay active.

any idea why my textuel files are loade and not linked anymore.


Did you report it on GitHub? that is where snapshot problems go. That is an early snapshot for 3.1.0.

I have this with 3.1.0~S2101/ snapshot

see also

Strange behavior of KNX binding in OH3

added a issue on github

You need to specify OH 3.1 to differentiate from the recent stable release of 3.0. Snapshots, especially early ones are expected to be broken and this user forum is likely to be of little help.

Hi all,

still havig trouble with textual files in openHAB 3.1.0 Build #2107

DEvice is offline

my things file

Thing knx:device:tunnel108:knx0101002 "KNX_01_01_002" (knx:ip:tunnel108) @ "WC"




         // bediening
        Type switch     :   sw09    "licht wc (sw09)"                   [ga="0/1/1+<0/1/101"]
        Type switch     :   sw10    "licht boven spiegel (sw10)"        [ga="0/1/2+<0/1/102"]
        Type switch     :   sw11    "ventilator (sw11)"                 [ga="0/1/3+<0/1/103"]
        // status terugmelding
        Type switch    :   st09    "status licht wc (st09)"             [ga="0/1/101"]
        Type switch    :   st10    "status licht boven spiegel (st10)"  [ga="0/1/102"]
        Type switch    :   st11    "status ventilator (st11)"           [ga="0/1/103"]

when removing


the device comming online

any idea what be the correct syntax has to be

and happy hollidays


How to use

Retrofitting Existing Items to the Model

There may be times where a user needs to add existing Items to their model. Perhaps they are migrating from an older version of OH, they did not follow the advice above to start with the model to begin with, or they are following a tutorial or example that doesn’t include the model. In this case all is not lost. Existing Items can be added to the model. Browse to the Item in the Items settings, click on Edit and choose an appropriate Semantic Class and Semantic Property. Then add the Point as a member of the appropriate Equipment or Location Group. If the Equipment Group doesn’t exist yet, create a Group and use the appropriate Equipment semantic tag first and add the Equipment to the appropriate Location Group.

with textual files ?



Thanks for the answer,
i check it out and let know of i get it working


Hi all,

After reading and trying everything, I still haven’t found the tree in the forest :slight_smile:


my changed items file

Switch      sw09    "licht wc (sw09) [%s]"                      <button01>  (KNX_01_01_002) ["point"]  {channel="knx:device:tunnel108:knx0101002:sw09"}    Switch      sw10    "licht boven spiegel (sw10) [%s]"           <button01>  (KNX_01_01_002) ["point"] {channel="knx:device:tunnel108:knx0101002:sw10"}    Switch      sw11    "ventilator (sw11) [%s]"                    <button01>  (KNX_01_01_002) ["point"] {channel="knx:device:tunnel108:knx0101002:sw11"}    Switch      st09    "status licht wc (st09) [%s]"               <lampgeel>  (KNX_01_01_002) ["point"] {channel="knx:device:tunnel108:knx0101002:st09"}   Switch      st10    "status licht boven spiegel (st10) [%s]"    <lampgeel>  (KNX_01_01_002) ["point"] {channel="knx:device:tunnel108:knx0101002:st10"}    Switch      st11    "status ventilator (st11) [%s]"             <lampgeel>  (KNX_01_01_002) ["point"] {channel="knx:device:tunnel108:knx0101002:st11"}

the model


points created in the ui3 are visible in model, those with textual files not

is still missing something :frowning: