OH3.4.1 Use Comments in Sitemaps


since I migrated from OH2 to OH3 I can not use comments in the sitemaps code anymore. The online IDE allways shows following error message.
I already tried a lot of different characters e.g. “#” “//” “/**/” …

In rules I can use “//” to comment.

Is it still possible to comment code in OH3 Sitemaps?

Thank you for your support.
Best regards Oskar

Error: Syntax error at line 6 col 1:

Unexpected comment token: "//". Instead, I was expecting to see one of the following:

A NL token based on:
    _ → _ ● %NL
    Main → _ Sitemap ● _
A WS token based on:
    _ → _ ● %WS
    Main → _ Sitemap ● _

That’s odd

I’m using // to make comments in my sitemaps.

OH3.4.0 (although I’m sure my demo unit is running a newer version, I’ll check with I power it up next)

You can still have comments in sitemap files, but indeed not in the online editor. Sitemaps in the online editor get translated to json and stored in the jsondb. Look at the graphical construction of the sitemap structure. It also does not accomodate comments. There is no structure for comments in the json.