OH3 AmazonEchoDevice discovery not working, missing devices

Platform information: OpenHab 3
OS: Windows 10
openHAB version: 3

I recently added the AmazonEchoControl binding and set up the account, my echo was detected along with 5 Sengled bulbs, however, none of my SmartLife switches, dimmers, or wifi outlets are being discovered. Nothing in the inbox from other skills. Is there some sort of setting I need to configure? Does the binding only work for certain devices?

UID: amazonechocontrol:account:ea1dc344c8
label: Amazon Account
thingTypeUID: amazonechocontrol:account
  discoverSmartHome: 3
  pollingIntervalSmartHomeAlexa: 30
  pollingIntervalSmartSkills: 80

Did you enable discovery in the account thing?

Hi @J-N-K, I selected ‘3…Discover direct, Alexa and openHAB skill devices’ under the Amazon Account thing. I then hit ‘save’ and go to the Thing page, ‘add’, ‘discover devices’ and all of my devices from the 'smart life app aren’t appearing.

One thing that I came across was this article about Tuya devices. MIne aren’t Tuya but perhaps they use the same protocol? This article is for OH2, not 3 so I didn’t want to go down an unnecessary rabbit hole.

No if they are attached to Alexa, it doesn’t matter what protocol they use.

If you login to alexa.amazon.com: under Smarthome/Devices, do you see the missing devices?

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