OH3 Best Practice for things and items - files or UI

I currently use OH 2 und did my whole config in files. I duplicated my VM and updated to OH 3 - everything seems to work fine. But I want to use the new features of OH 3 such as model, rule editor, …
What is the best way to migrate your things and items to OH 3? Should I recreate all the things in OH 3 and import the item files? (because I see no import from file for things?!?)


Check out the table here for some help:

Ultimately it’s your own preference, unless you use the Z-Wave binding.

Correct. You can only import from the Items files. But all your Things and Items files themselves are still valid!

You can just add tags with the appropriate values to your items and you still can use the files.
The whole semantic model is just tags and groups and these tags are restricted to certain values.

If items files work for you why not just add the tags?

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I absolutely agree with @Spaceman_Spiff, and that’s what I’m doing.

This might be daunting for a newbie - the documentation has barely a single paragraph on Tags whilst the tutorial is all UI based.

I find the following forum post most helpful, with the updated github link below that for a reference on available Locations, Equipment, Points and Properties.

Would you be willing to add this to the docs?
I think this could help many more people!

I created all new things using the UI

I then created equipment from thing in sematic model.
You can tag all your items while doing it and edit later.

I did it this way so it is all done one way so in the future you can edit the item in the UI.

Everything else for me is text.

I would love to, but because this would constitute more than a minor edit it would need to be signed, so I won’t do it as discussed with Confectrician here.

I think I will make a thread with my own notes which might be useful, but obviously it would only appear on the forum.

EDIT: Done


Thank you for all the answers. With the tagging in the files that is one thing I can live with. Another question came to mind: is it possible to use yaml Syntax in .item files?


I’m also in the same situation - migrated from 2.5 to 3.0. Having everything in files.
Somehow I don’t like the idea to have things in different places - some via UI, some in the files.
Would you guys say, that there is a drawback when switching completely to the UI? Are things possible via text files, that are not possible via UI (besides obvious things like search/replace etc.)? Rules I will most likely keep in textfiles since the new rule engine UI is shiny, but typing is most likely easier for me.

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