OH3 comparing date string to now

I’m having quite a lot of trouble converting an old OH2 rule for OH3.
What I wanna do is compare a date in a string to the date now.
So I read this post, the one I need should be #9 Get Epoch from String.

This is the part of the code that is not working
In the variable line I have the date string:

logInfo("Trash", "Date:" + line+"T00:00:00.000Z" )
val Number MyEpochFromString = new DateTime(line+"T00:00:00.000Z").millis
//The line above crashes with "An error occurred during the script execution: null in trash"
logInfo("Trash", "Date:" + line +"===>"+now.compareTo(MyEpochFromString))
if (now.compareTo(MyEpochFromString) <=0){

The log info above the crash gives me:
Which looks correct to me. I don’t understand why the conversion line below crashes?
Can someone explain me where I’m going wrong?
Thanks and best regards

Because openHAB not longer supports Joda DateTime. You need to use a Java ZonedDateTime.



might work. Or you might need to reformat the string to match the default format used by ZonedDateTime.

Thanks a lot Rich, that worked.
For my understanding: The post I linked is wrong then? Because it’s written for OH3?

Yes, that particular example is wrong. There is no DateTime anymore.

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