OH3: Dimmer... on|off and on with last dimmer value?!

This is a generic question…

I have just installed a CT white LED with a Zigbee driver.

The thing comes up with two channels:

  • colour temperature
  • dimmer

I’d like the light to return to the same level when it was switched off.

How do others achieve this?

There is no option to add a channel for a switch to this thing.
Dimmer at 0 equals OFF.
I could add a switch and add a proxy item; e.g. lastDimmerValue and use it in a rule when switching the light ON.

Is this the best course of action?

Try to connect a switch to the same channel as the dimmer

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You can link a Color Channel to a Color Item, Dimmer Item, or a Switch Item. You can link a Dimmer Channel to a Dimmer Item or a Switch Item.

Similarly you can send ON/OFF commands to a Dimmer Item and a Switch Item. And you can send an ON/OFF or a PercentType command to a Color Item.

You don’t need separate channels .

It may be a generic question but it’s not a generic problem. The answer greatly depends on the behavior of the device and implementation of the binding. For example, if you send the ON command to it, does it return to it’s last state or some “default” state? Does it ramp up/down or does it jump straight to the new state?

All of these will impact the overall approach.

Sure you could do that in some cases. You could also use the previousState from persistence instead of a proxy item.

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Huh, it was as easy as that :slight_smile: Thanks.
I literally forgot that I can add another item to a channel.

Got it… :slight_smile:
I ended up adding a switch to the dimmer.

I am planning to add an automatic change to the colour temperature (CT) for the group of CT lights. The good thing here is, a change to the CT does not switch ON the light.