OH3 - Fritz Box TR064 Add-on, Binding

I’m trying out the new OH3 right now. I noticed that the Fritz Box TR064 binding does not exist. Are you planning to provide the binding for OH3 and if so, is there a release date?

Find everything you need here:

It is there since a few days.
Please note that it is now called the TR-064 binding, I have been successfully using it.

@sihui, @bram_dirriwachter I am using the 3.0.0.M2 Milestone, this binding does not exist when I search the add-on bindings, not even with the name TR-064. Or is this binding only displayed if I have installed 3.0.0.M3?
At least 3.0.0.M3 is mentioned in the issue tracking. I don’t have that much experience with handling the Milestone environment, hence my question.

It has been merged after the M2 release, therefore it is not available in M2. Either use SNAPsHOT or wait for M3.

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THx Jan

Hi @J-N-K,
is there still a release date for M3 available?

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I only get status unknown so far. I used similar values as for the former fritzboxtr064 binding.

Is this still the case with latest SNAPSHOT? I have changed the certificate verification, that might help.

Hi Jan

I just downloaded the binding today

openhab> bundle:list | grep TR
263 │ Active    │  80 │      │ openHAB Add-ons :: Bundles :: TR-064 Binding

Hi all,
I recently moved to 3.0 M5 from my former 2.5.10 installation. I had to change some rules as behaviour of DateTime changed or is replaced by ZonedDateTime. Besides others I have TR064 binding installed and some questions. Do we have a call monitor function as in version 1 bindung? I liked it for scene Controller, switch of other sounds when phone is ringing.
I also poll my fritzbox every minute and monitor in and outbound traffic which values are also aggregated for hourly and daily sums. With version 2.5 my calculated values match those from my fritzbox. With version 3 I gain around half values. I find no reason. Any ideas?

Please forget my last post. I found the call monitor channel in the other fritzbox binding and the wrong traffic values where due to false restore on startup of the rules and Items.
Sorry for wrong report.

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I am practicing with OpenHAB3 RC1 and I have installed the TR-064 binding. I added the fritzbox thing and by performing a subsequent scan I was able to find three sub-devices: LANDevice, WANConnection and WANDevice. I was looking for Dsl informations, listed on the documentation page, but they are not available. Should there be some DSLDevice which is not ready yet? I’ve tried both with my old 7360v1 with FritzOS 6.83 and with my new 7590 with FritzOS 7.20 but the subdevices are identical.
Thank you for your attention,

Did you check the “advanced” checkbox on the channels page?

With RC1, I don‘t see the advanced checkbox for LAN or WAN subdevices… Did they get lost when you added the ppp channels?

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No. Advanced channels are only on the “root” device. But it’s a bug in the channel definition. Fix is on the way.

Try update org.openhab.binding.tr064 https://janessa.me/esh/org.openhab.binding.tr064-3.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

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@J-N-K I just tested the tr-64 Binding in 3.0RC1 with strange results. I configured the hostname of the Fritzbox device to be, but it seems the binding tries to connect to “fritz.box” which my box does not resolve to. Please see the attached screenshot:

See my post here: OH3 TR-064 binding missing channels

Thanks for the hint!

The question still is: why is this happening. I have found an issue, that might be the culprit. Would youl ike to try update org.openhab.binding.tr064 https://janessa.me/esh/org.openhab.binding.tr064-3.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar?