[OH3] Homematic Gateway EXTRAS variable not updating into OH

Hi, i have an issue with the Homematic GATEWAY-EXTRAS. it seems that the variables are not updating in openHAB if the variable updates in Homematic. I have a variable that updates every night, but openHAB still shows the old value. Strange. I am on OH3 Snapshot Build #2169

On the other hand i have a switch in openHAB that triggers a variable in GATEWAY-EXTRAS that is working propperly.

Thanks for having a look into this.

I have a rule for that. Triggert with cron :


As_Temp has to be a real variable. It will all variables refreshed. Please tell me something of your switch for triggering one variable.

Thanks Ralf, that helped. i have created a rule that triggers refresh once a day to update the rain values from the last 2 days.

I have a simple Group switch with ON OFF ( i am detecting presence with Network Binding with our I-Phones, if one ON then on else OFF ) that triggers a variable in Homematic. Works very reliable and i can work in Homematic with presence.

I understand, thank you too.

I have the same problem with my Homematic Thermostat.

I can still control the Temperatur etc. in OH3.
When I change the Temperatur in CCU3 the value in OH3 is updated too as it should be.(update. seems not to work anymore)
However the actual Temperatur is not updated.
I have to stop/start the Bridge Thing in OH3 to get the value refreshed.
Any clue?

HM or HMIP? on which version of 3.0 are you?

Hi Jan - it is HmIP-BWTH.
CCU3 is running on Rasberry v3.57.4.
OH3 is 3.1.0M2

i have the same HmIP-BWTH, two of them actually which are working fine. I had some issues with them in the beginning, at the moment i am using the latest binding from @MHerbst which is working well:

Thanks Jan - I installed the binding - hopefully this will solve the problem.
I’m wondering how to track when an item is not refreshed for a long time?
Unfortunately I didn’t find a timestamp in the available channels.
Any clue how to monitor this?

you can add a timestamp to any channel. This is a nice feature. i am monitoring all of my battery driven devices if they are still alive. Just add the appropriate profile to the item.

Thanks again Jan.
Homematic things are updated properly since I use the updated SNAPSHOT binding. :smiley:

I also tried to add the Timestamp as you described, but I get an Error :frowning:

add metadata to the state description of the time/date item in pattern:

%1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY, %1$tH:%1$tM Uhr

This should then work.

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thanks Jan, that solved the problem :slight_smile:

Hi there,
I have a similar - but more basic problem
I am running OH 3.01, Raspberrymatic
Ihave defined global variables in Raspberrymatic
They appear in Gateway extras and I can control them - so far so good
If I now add a new variable in HomaticIP - the Gateway extra is not updating for that.
Only fresh installation of binding is solving this issue
Any idea?

Hi Christian,

it should be sufficient to remove the Gateway Extra thing, start a new discovery and add it again.

If this does not work, please create an issue in the Github repo.

Hi Martin,
this workaround is working :grinning:

Does not work for me. I am an OH 3.0.1 Release Build and RaspberryMatic 3.57.4. Besides the item for Actual Temperature I added a TimeStamp item to my homematic ip thing in openhab. Timestamp seems to show a correct value but Actual Temperature shows the value that has been read when seeting up the ccu bridge. Any ideas?

I believe this is related to a different issue. There is a workaround already available: