OH3 List of latest Notifications on Overview Page possible?

Is it possible to have a List of the last, e.g. 10, broadcast notifications on the overview Page?

Sometimes I just see on my watch that notifications arrived. But I’m working on the computer and I don’t know a good way to check for the last notifications.

Is it possible to querry historical broadcast notifications or to generally write them to an Item?

I did not find anything regarding this topic. And don’t have a clue how to proceed.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t think so. I don’t see why they couldn’t be but there is nothing right now that would put them there.

The notifications are wholly handled by the cloud connector add-on, myopenhab.org service, and the phone apps. There isn’t anything in openHAB core that actually knows about the notifications. So someone would have to set up some sort of registry or REST API in the add-on, the add-on would have to keep track of the notifications, and then make modifications to MainUI to query for and display the notifications if and only if the cloud connector add-on is actually installed.

It’s a big lift but not impossible.

In the mean time, myopenhab.org has a place where you can see the most recent notifications.

It saves the last two weeks worth of notifications.

Most of us add widgets to our Overview page that only show when there is an alert. For example Battery Level Status or Service Status Standalone Widget

When something occurred important enough to send an alert, it’s usually important enough to display on the Overview page too. Visibility can be used to hide it when nothing’s wrong.

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Thank you @rlkoshak for your recommendations.

Myopenhab could work for me. Possibly not as convenient as a List on the Openhab Overview page but could do for now.

Also adding dedicated Widgets for the Items in question could be a possible solution, although possibly not as convenient.

Additional I had a look at the CloudService.java File. But I don’t have real experience with Java and most likely not enough time to dive into the specifics.