OH3: Location Card Group Master Light Switch

Hi all. I am struggling to get my head around creating a grouped light switch in OH3 under a location card.

For a location card what I am trying to achieve is have the equipment tab display a single light master switch using a group linked to all light switch items for that particular location (e.g. Livingroom). I then want to have all individual light switch items appear under the properties tab.

I have created a group and assign the individual light switch items. This results in the Location card displaying the group name as the header and then each individual light things switches listed below it. See below:

Is there a way to make this a single master switch instead of displaying individual switches for each light? Similar to the image I have mocked up below:

Location Card

I can achieve a single master switch by creating a new switch item then assigning the channel links from each light thing. This option does not use grouping and seams like there is unnecessary duplication of channel links though if I already have Items created for the individual lights.

Please let me know if the way I am planning to set up my Location Cards is against the intended use. I know that I could create the group light switch with a widget. I just wanted to find a way to achieve it under the Location Cards though so all my common controls are consolidated/organized.

I have read the OH3 Tutorial Docs and found a post that is similar but still not found exactly what I was after: OH3: How to Group Light Bulbs?

Any help would be great. Thank you in advance.

I think this will work.

  1. Create the Group:Switch and tag it as a Point, not an equipment. For example, Switch,Light.
  2. Add the light switches as members. Because it’s not tagged as an Equipment it should be blind to the fact that it’s a Group and not show the members under it.
  3. Add the Group as a member of the Location Group.

However, there is a gotcha. Because it’s tagged as a Point and not an Equipment, that Group:Switch is going to appear under Properties, not under Equipment.

If you want it to appear as an Equipment, you’ll need to define the Item as a Switch Item and write a Rule to forward the commands to the Lights (i.e. a Proxy Item). Or do like you’ve done and link all the Channels.

Also don’t forget that first tab on the Overview Page. You can put what ever you want on that tab. Maybe it makes sense to put those common controls there.

Hi Rick thanks from your response, that works. I created a group switch as a point instead of equipment and this now displays the single item for the group as seen below:

This displays the group showing the status instead of a toggle switch though. Using your suggestion of creating a proxy switch with a rule to forward the commands resolves this.

Alternatively to get it to display under the equipment I can create an addition Group Equipment Lightbulb under the location then add the group switch as a direct group member, the downside is this does not display as a switch though.

Thanks, maybe it would be a more appropriate to just use the overview page for the common lighting controls. The reason I wanted to set it up the Location Cards this way was so that it would still be possible to access all of my controls solely through the Locations Cards if required (without having to switch to the Overview tab for certain controls). I don’t want to start customising my Location Cards in ways that go again the intended design/architecture of OH3 though so maybe sticking to the overview page for these controls is a better option.

When I started testing OH3 I did find compared to OH2.5 it has the ability to setup a lot of tabs/pages that show the same data just presented in different ways. With it being so customisable there is more than one way of doing things so I want to make sure I start with a good foundation for my new setup.

Thanks for your help.

You should be able to fix this also by setting the Default list widget metadata on the Group Item. That lets you define the way the Group Item gets displayed in a list like that.

I still recommend the same thing I recommended for sitemaps. The stuff you do the most often and/or need the fastest access to should be at the top. In the Overview page that means it should be on that first tab. That reduces the number of click necessary to get to the things you need access to most frequently.

That worked. I changed the Default List Item Widget settings: Widget to “Toggle List Item”.

All of your content and posts have helped me so much over the years. Thank you for all the time you put into helping this community.


Hey, a little bit off topic, but can someone explain me how i get the Tabs “Equipment” and “Property” in the Location Cards? I dont find any Information about it. On some pictures there are the Tabs and in some other pictures there are no tabs

In my Setup (Equipment and Propertys are added to the location) there are only Equipment listet and there is no Property Tab. And i find no setting to enable it.


I think the properties tab is shown if you have points/properties in that location that are NOT part of an equipment.

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