OH3 m3.0.0.m1 sitemap, how to display?

I just started playing around with OH3 and I think I am overlooking something.
I was playing with the page builder, created a sitemap. Although I am more textual oriented, the implementation of the UI looks nice and sitemap creation feels intuitive :+1:

After creating a sitemap I expected to find some way to display the sitemap full screen, but couldn’t find it.

Is there a direct URL to the sitemap ? If yes, then it might be an idea to show it somewhere on the design page as a link which can be bookmarked.

At the left side of the page, just below the Openhab logo above the admin menu is displayed “No pages”. What is expected instead of “No pages” ?

So far, the only way I am able to display the sitemap is on the design page. It seems I am clearly missing something (or encountered a bug)

Can somebody point me in the right direction ?

I can answer part of my question. Just discovered there is a clickable icon at the right top corner, which brings you to the basic with the sitemap.

It raised another question, the sitmap is called ‘test1’ and it is listed as ‘uicomponents_test1’
Where does the prefix come from ?

i assume you created a basic ui sitemap. Ich you click on the openhab logo on the left you will be send to that start page in the upper right corner you should notice a small orange icon


if you click on it you will get


and this sends you to your sitemap

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Right, the sitemaps can only be viewed with (among others) Basic UI and the mobile apps on Android, iOS and Windows.
The “uicomponents_” prefix was introduced to minimize the risk of having sitemaps defined with text files and with the UI that have the same name. I’m not super happy with it, so maybe it will change at some point.

Thanks for the replies. It was initially not so intuitive where to find the basic UI. I was used to the large selection options in OH2, now it’s a small icon somewhere at the top right of a lage monitor. Wouldn’t it be better to add it to the menu at the left ?

Anyway… now playing for a couple of days with OH3, I like it and it looks already quite stable.

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