[OH3] Main UI - New „main_widget“ - development and testing [deprecated]

Done !

Great! Looking forward to seeing it.

So do I understand it correctly that each type (Light, Shutter, Heating etc.) has a different colour scheme?
There is no global colour scheme for all cards?

Another question: Shouldn’t it be better to define an icon set? Iconfy icons and f7-icons behave differently in the container.

Yes, but I am not the master for this. What I understood and implemented, e.g. the HVAC is using different colors depending on the mode Item.

I we could find nice Icons for all needs in one source, that would be better. But we could not find any and did not want to implement custom icons which need to be copied to the openHAB server.

Feel free to make a suggestions regarding icon changes. :wink:

i was following the development of the new “main_Widget” since the beginning. Now i want to implement it for my smarthome.
I have created the model when i migrated to 3.x of Openhab and it is working with the “old” main page. I am running the Openhab 3.4.2 now on a Raspi installed with Openhabian.
I have downloaded the Main-UI widgets from the market place and created a layout page with the given code.
Unfortunately i don’t get the result as expected. I get the floor und rooms, but no rollershutters and limited lights.
Is there any kind of documentation available, what are the mandatory parts in the model and/or what are the limitations. Are there any metadata in the model which are mandaroy?
Any guidance is wellcome.

Every widget in the marketplace contains information about what groups/items are needed and how they have to be tagged semantically.
Did you follow this?

Please show us the items which are not shown in the main_widget page.

ok, lets use the rollershutter as an example:
According to the description of the widget nothing special needes als long as i don’t want a fancy name.
This is the model for Groundfloor and Dining room:
This is the equipment:

This the the rollershuter for my dining room

and this is how it looks in the page, no shades:

You missed the part describing the schedules and very important

A Switch item to enable/disable the automatic/time control [mandatory]

This definitely needs to be created within the Rollershutter group, otherwise the widget will not be shown.

I am using this widget and the description:

As i don’t use time based triggers here i thought this part of the description is ot relevant. i will test it tomorrow as i need to move to an appointment now.
Thanks so far

Sorry if the docs are a bit misleading……

i have created the mandatory item automatic/time control and it is working now.
I found another issue: the last line in the widget contains after the “90” some " ` "

which are visible on the page as well.
i have deleted them in my widget copy and now it is working as for the 50/60/80.
Will continue now to figure out why the lights are not shown as expected.

Thanks, will correct this!

Hi, i realy like this concept and already implementet it in one of my OH setups.

I was thinking of how to add a customized space in the home view for additional buttons or switches
Without interfering with the existing design?

Whatcwould be the best approach?

Can you elaborate a bit more what you want to achieve ?
Actually there is near to zero way for customization without changing the existing widgets. Hence you need to track your changes and reimplement if we will publish updated code.

I have some general items like switches to turn on/of rules of the “scheduler”
or a switch to enable the presence detection which I like to add to the main screen.

I was also thinking of adding an additional section to the footer similar to the security or scenes one for those items.

You will need to add widgets to FloorsAndRooms under the HVAC widget, one for each item you want to add.
You can limit the visibility to „Appliances“. There is a bottom menu entry that is unused actually.

Thanks a lot, ill look into this.

could not get anything show up under “Appliances” what would be the requirement for an ITEM,Equipment, Point to show up there?

Just add a new

- component: widget:yourCustomWidget

and add the visibility line from the HVAC repeater to the config of the new component. Dont forget to replace „Climate“ by „Appliances“ in the visibility config.

Dear All,
unfortunately I have to announce that there will be no further development for this series of widgets, as we have faced strong performance issues. Sorry, but it was no longer useable with larger installations.
But the good news, we soon will publish an openHAB 4.x version under a new name, which benefits from some major improvements on the UI.
There have also a lot of improvements within the widgets been done by @Nico_R, thanks for that.
Once ready, there will be a complete new topic to start discussion.

Some insights what you can expect:

  • Better performance by using the oh-repeater cache
  • Optimised responsive design
  • Support for ColorSchemes
  • Extended Security Widget

Thanks for all your amazing contribution with these widgets @hmerk !
I look forward for the announcement of the OH4 version. Your widgets address critical issues of the native OH - namely the graphical appeal and usability.