OH3 MainUI, Browser shows blank page after login


Yesterday I made the update to the latest snapshot openHAB 3.1.0, Build #2147 (from OH3) because I hoped that some issues I have would be probably resolved in a newer version.

Now I’m facing another problem: When I start MainUI or, only a blank page is shown. When I clear the cache, OH3 main page is shown (not logged in). When I log in, only a blank page is showed again.

This happens in Safari and Chrome (both latest versions)

I’m sorry not to include technical Information, but I’m not able to copy it, since I cannot see anything when I’m logged in…

Any Ideas?

Thanks a lot


Do you see anything suspicious in the Console and Network tabs of the browser’s developer tools?

Also still in the developer tools (in Chrome) to to Application, Clear storage on the left, check everything and Clear site data, does that help?

Hej Yannick

To be honest, I have no idea what to look for… Therefore I activated Developer Tools in Chrome, cleared the application cache and made a screenshot, what it showed after login with admin login:

hope that helps…

Thanks a lot


I have updated to Build #2148 and experience the same behavior. I checked all kind of logs, but couldn’t find any reason. Page loading stops with rest/ (pending) xhr app.js:9

Me too.
After removing /#!/ behind the port (8080) from the url I could access the main page.
But still there seems to be a problem with the session management. The “disconnect from active sessions” button in the user profile does not have any affect. The users.json is still full of sessions.

I see the same.
However!/settings/ works so I can get things done.
The alteranative is to stop OpenHAB, clear the cache, and restart OpenHAB


Unfortunately the above workaround does not work in my case.


@ghof I could reproduce this pending /rest/ call, but not @dark_mc or @Tuny (I suspect they’re related though). I made a fix and a new snapshot 2149 will be available in a few hours. Apologies.

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many thanks for taking care about this issue.

Here it doesn’t work either…
User file filled with sessions indeed, but after removing these through CLI problem persists…


Second try… now, a rest/ (pending) in my case too.

Will try it with snapshot 2149

Thanks a lot!


I have the same problem with 3.1.0 Build 2146-2148 Snapshot on different browsers and computers.

I hope that it will be corrected with the 2149.

Thanks for the quick help.


I just installed build 2149 which seems to fix most issues I had with the WebUI (black/blank page, most menu items not working if loaded, etc.) but one issue remains with the latest snapshot:

Adding a new location to the Model does not work, clicking the “Create” button just does nothing (does not work for equipment, point, location, etc.)

What kind of browser logs do you need from my side?

just FYI: After having the same problems with build 2148 - WebUI works for me again with build 2149.

Adding a new location to the semantic model also works without problem on my site.

2149 is working for me too (haven’t checked all the features, but seems to be okay)

  • update (via openhabian)
  • stop openhab.service
  • openhab-cli clear-cache
  • start openhab.service
  • cleared browser cache

Salut @ysc Yannick

Made Update to 3.1 Snapshot #2150.

Blank page problem is gone - MainUi is back after admin login.

Thanks a lot for your quick help!


Things are moving fast in OpenHAB -land :slight_smile:
Upgraded from snapshot 2131to 2150, using the unstable .deb
I still have to use OpenHAB for a bit and see if the pages go blank.

Thank you @ysc !

For me also, with snapshot 2149 everything is good again.
“disconnect from active sessions” was a misinterpretation from my side. I was thinking every session in the list will be deleted. But it is “only” the session from were I am logged in at the moment.
Thank you very much Yannick

Thanks, missed that one as well, it will be fixed along with a number of other fixes.

You can actually do that but from the console only, not the UI:

openhab:users clearSessions <userId> - clear the refresh tokens associated with the user (will sign the user out of all sessions)
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Thank you @ysc ,

The last snapshot did indeed fix the Model-issue!
Thank you!!!