OH3 MainUI - Could not transform state 'OFF' with function

Hello and Merry Christmas :slight_smile:
I use openhab 3 with openhabian on a raspi. I’m currently trying to integrate my Osram plugs via Zigbee Binding using PaperUI.
Via PaperUI i can turn the plug on. But when I try to turn it off, I get this message: Please specify a function and a source format for this Profile in the ‘function’ and ‘sourceFormat’ parameters. Returning the original state now.

In the console i can easily switch it On/Off: openhab:send OsramPlug1_Switch OFF
How can I implement this in PaperUI?

I found a similar post: Profile Settings Paper UI

Thanks for Help

Can you confirm what it is you are using? PaperUI does not exist in openHAB 3.

Perhaps show us the configuration that you already have (screenshot)? We can tell straight away what you are using then…

Sorry, i meant the normal graphical user interface in OH3.

Here is a Screenshot:

OK, that’s openHAB 3 with its MainUI.

Can you go a level deeper on your Channel that isn’t working, and show us that configuration?

The Switch above is working only from off to on.

The Plug works well if i define the item in a textfile:

Switch OsramPlug1 “OsramPlug 1” (gOsramPlugs) { channel=“zigbee:device:f300abb920:7cb03eaa0a0a2f3f:7CB03EAA0A0A2F3F_3_switch” }

I also tested a second Plug, the same result. I just want to understand why it doesn’t work.
Does nobody have the same experience?

Hi Stefan,

i have a similar problem while using a desktop browser. Try via your mobile.

I would not have thought that: But I can operate the switch with my iPhone without any problems. Thanks for the hint.

Is that wanted by Design??

Certainly not. I opened a case for it.