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(Mark Czelnik) #1


I wanted to play around with link profiles with OH 2.4 via Paper UI. Where do I specify the details for the profile?
e.p. where do I specify the function and sourceFormat for transform:js or where do I specify the details for transform:RegEx?

The documentation is clear for using it in the *.items files but for Paper UI I can’t find the settings.



Can't create item with SCALE transformation in PaperUI ("Type" field is empty)
(Alex) #2


AFAIK thru PaperUI not ALL aspects are available.

See here:

There you can read:

“The Paper UI is an interface that helps setting up and configuring your openHAB instance. It does not (yet) cover all aspects, so you still need to resort to textual configuration files…”


“Note that you still need to define your items, sitemaps, persistence configurations and rules in the according configuration files (as done in openHAB 1). Such functionality will be added bit by bit to the Paper UI only.”

You can select a “default” profile for linking a channel/item, but you cannot set the properties of the profile.


For that you need the .items file.

Is somebody not agreeing with me?


(Kai Kreuzer) #3

Actually looks like a bug to me with the transform profiles. Checking it e.g. on LeapMotion, it correctly shows for profile configuration parameters:

@triller-telekom Would you agree that it should in general work for the transformation profiles as well or am I missing something?


(Stefan Triller) #4

Would you agree that it should in general work for the transformation profiles as well or am I missing something?

Yes I agree, it should work for the transformation profiles.

In the screenshot from @Celaeno1 he has not selected a profile yet and thus there is also no configuration to enter… If he selects a profile from the drop down, the next step should be the configuration IF the profile has one (not all profiles have a config).


(Mark Czelnik) #5

@triller-telekom: Here is a screenshot from scale transform profile selection. No properties are shown.

If I still select the profile no error is shown directly. But there are entries in the event.log

2019-01-06 21:15:27.049 [ERROR] [.profiles.ScaleTransformationProfile] - Parameter ‘function’ and ‘sourceFormat’ have to be Strings. Profile will be inactive.

2019-01-06 21:15:27.053 [WARN ] [.profiles.ScaleTransformationProfile] - Please specify a function and a source format for this Profile in the ‘function’ and ‘sourceFormat’ parameters. Returning the original state now.

Seems like in general the profile selection for the transform services works but the properties are not shown in the UI.


(Kai Kreuzer) #6

When I open the Javascript console of the browser, I see requests like

GET http://localhost:8080/rest/config-descriptions/profile:transform:JS 404 (Not Found)

but http://localhost:8080/rest/config-descriptions/ does not even list a single config description with “transform” in its name - so I’d say there’s indeed some bug in providing the metadata for the configurations.


(Christoph Weitkamp) #7

I opened an issue for it.