OH3 MainUI: How to register (and exclude) items for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa?

Dear all,

how is this done in the new OH3 UI? I played around and I managed to explicitly give metadata for Google Assistant, registering a switch. It appears in Google Home app after refreshing, so this part seems to work.

But for some reason, four lights from Ikea Tradfri binding that I put into an Equipment group to control them at once also appear without any active setting from my side, so there is no metadata specified. This is bad as Tradfri itself is included in the Google Assistant accounts and thus, the lights appear twice. To be precise, it is the point “Dimmer” that appears in Google Assistant.

These undesired registrations with Google are only happening with my Tradfri lights and semantic class “lightbulb”. All other items only register upon explicit registration via metatags.

I deleted all items and events from myopenhab.org, but that did not help. I removed my myopenhab.org account, re-created it, deleted the items, cleaned the cache.

Is there any documentation or recommendation how to handle those services in OH3? Is the tagging system somehow automatically assinging items to Google Assistant?

Is there someone who can test with Tradfri or other lamps such as Hue? Can you send me your proper definitions?
Thank you!

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I just tried to tag a remote switch connected to a light as a “light” in Google Assistant metadata. It is not registered after refreshing.

That - is - weird.

Maybe I did not understand the whole concept, or the whole metatag mechanism is broken.

Okay, I got it. But the metatag system of OH is totally unclear. The answer is: Google Assistant seems to react upon the tags of a point, not only the metatags! When you have a tag such as “Lighting” that is added automatically, Google Assistant will detect it and add the point!

I expect that this would only happen with the dedicated metatags for Google Assistant, but whether I am not getting it, or the tag system is broken. I created a bug report here Google Assistant reacts on all Tags, not only on Metatags · Issue #2015 · openhab/openhab-core · GitHub - please let me know in case the error is on my side.

I had the same problem. Now i don’t have this problem anymore because i tried to delete openhab from google assistant and now i cant pair it again … :sweat_smile: