OH3 semantic model, what makes something a control verse a measurement

I am retrofitting my OH3 items files with with Semantic models stuff using tags.
I have noticed some oddness

groups.items:Group   Home           "Our Home"         <house>                ["Building"]
basement.items:Group  B_Basement    "Basement"         <cellar> (Home)       ["Basement"]

Number:Temperature Dyson475_Tact2 "Dyson Temperature [%.1f °F]"  <temperature> (B_Basement) ["Temperature"]

This one show up in the new UI as Semantic Class: Control, Semantic Property: Temperature

Number:Temperature sensor_1_temp "Basement Temperature [%.2f °F]" <temperature> (B_Basement,Motion,persist) ["Temperature"] {channel="zwave:device:9d6ae427:node2:sensor_temperature"}

This one shows up as Semantic Class: Measurement, Semantic Property: Temperature

I believe that if the temperature is member of a group that is tagged as ‘Equipment’ then it becomes a control, and if the group is tagged as a Room, then it becomes a measurement. I was able to get most of my items to change from control to measure measurement. The reason i am doing this is I noticed that when i have measurement that is a temp, humidity or light, an icon shows with value shows up in the Locations autogenerate page, which is cool. (this item will end up being attached to a bedroom group, i put it in the basement group to see if that made any difference.

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I found the answer,
I looked over HABot Walkthrough (2/n): Semantic Tagging & Item Resolving again and found this section

  • Points and Properties should usually used together, so that the “relatesTo” relation is implied by having a single item tagged with a Point & Property. If a Property tag is found without the associated Point, the item will implicitely be considered to be a Status if the item is read only, or a Control if it can accept commands.


Number Temperature_GF_Corridor "Corridor [%.1f °C]"    ["Temperature", "Measurement"]
Switch Light_FF_Bath_Ceiling   "Ceiling"               ["Light"]
Dimmer Temperature_Setpoint    "Temperature [%.1f °C]" ["Setpoint", "Temperature"]

So what i need to do is [“Temperature”, “Measurement”] listing both the ‘property’ and the ‘point’

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