OH3 Speedtest Thing Network binding issues

Hi, since a couple of days my speedtest thing based on the network binding addon keeps being offline. It worked very well in the last 2 months. I was wondering if this has to do with the address i am using. If i download the speedtest file from the browser, this still works.

I am on Snapshot #2217

Does anyone have a different German based test server i can try?

Hey @muelli1967

you could use the Speedtest binding

Thanks Rainer, will have a look into this one. Any tips how to set this up in Docker?

Alternatively i tried some other Urls of speed test servers but all the same, going into error.

you can check the available serverlist via speedtest-cli command
speedtest-cli --list displays a list of speedtest.net servers sorted by distance
and / or of course:
speedtest-cli --list | grep -i germany the currently accessible german servers

Thanks. Maybe i did confuse here. I am talking about two different things here.

  1. the speedtest functionallity under Network Binding. This is not working anymore, here is where i tried different server without success.

  2. the Speedtest binding with speedtest cli has not been installed yet. i am struggling to understand how this works as i am running openhab in a Docker.

Question for 1) is, is there someone else experiencing the same problem?

Question for 2) is there a hint how to get this up and running for Docker.

Thank you!

Same for me since a few days/week… when you save the thing it’s online, but just a moment later it is offline again.
I am using the same server, would be nice to find another one.

A1) I tested several servers that did NOT work, but then used the server ‘https://bouygues.testdebit.info/’ from the binding example: this one worked.
(Environment: Ubuntu 20.4, openHAB 3.1.0 Build #2230)

This server is working, but only gives me about 8mbits… need to look further.

agree, that server is working but the results are very odd. Not reliable.

Found one:

This one is working and gives reasonable results.
Looks like a solution for me.

@dirkdirk , can you share you configuration from the speedtest thing. If i try to use http://www.ovh.net/files/ i get no results.

@John_Doe sure, this is my config. Working fine for.

Check your download file name… maybe that’s the problem.