OH3 Speedtest Thing Network binding issues

Hi, since a couple of days my speedtest thing based on the network binding addon keeps being offline. It worked very well in the last 2 months. I was wondering if this has to do with the address i am using. If i download the speedtest file from the browser, this still works.

I am on Snapshot #2217

Does anyone have a different German based test server i can try?

Hey @muelli1967

you could use the Speedtest binding

Thanks Rainer, will have a look into this one. Any tips how to set this up in Docker?

Alternatively i tried some other Urls of speed test servers but all the same, going into error.

you can check the available serverlist via speedtest-cli command
speedtest-cli --list displays a list of speedtest.net servers sorted by distance
and / or of course:
speedtest-cli --list | grep -i germany the currently accessible german servers

Thanks. Maybe i did confuse here. I am talking about two different things here.

  1. the speedtest functionallity under Network Binding. This is not working anymore, here is where i tried different server without success.

  2. the Speedtest binding with speedtest cli has not been installed yet. i am struggling to understand how this works as i am running openhab in a Docker.

Question for 1) is, is there someone else experiencing the same problem?

Question for 2) is there a hint how to get this up and running for Docker.

Thank you!

Same for me since a few days/week… when you save the thing it’s online, but just a moment later it is offline again.
I am using the same server, would be nice to find another one.

A1) I tested several servers that did NOT work, but then used the server ‘https://bouygues.testdebit.info/’ from the binding example: this one worked.
(Environment: Ubuntu 20.4, openHAB 3.1.0 Build #2230)

This server is working, but only gives me about 8mbits… need to look further.

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agree, that server is working but the results are very odd. Not reliable.

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Found one:

This one is working and gives reasonable results.
Looks like a solution for me.

@dirkdirk , can you share you configuration from the speedtest thing. If i try to use http://www.ovh.net/files/ i get no results.

@John_Doe sure, this is my config. Working fine for.

Check your download file name… maybe that’s the problem.

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Hey, same thing here.
The default server https://bouygues.testdebit.info/ always provides 40 Mbit downstream and 16 Mbit upstream. Seems to be limited to that speed.

While my PC at same LAN connection (via 100mbit PowerLAN) shows 95 Mbit down and 50 Mbit up.

Your Speedtest || iperf by OVHCloud even slower, like 16 mbit down. And seems to be not super serious.

Anybody has a trusted server with high speed to run the tests?

Update: I investigated and found this servers working very good, showing up to 10 times higher speed than default config.

  1. Landeshochschulnetz Baden-Württemberg:
    URL: http://speedtest.belwue.net/, File: random-100M

  2. Tele2 (as mentioned above)
    URL: http://speedtest.tele2.net/ File: 100MB.zip

Both are good and delivering constant comparable results of roundabout 600 Mbit.

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