[OH3] state of items set to { "state": "-" } in MainUI when accessing from macOS

Hi all!

First would like to thank all for their great work on OH3 (and overall), really enjoying the new experience.

That said, in latest snapshots (I think #2012 forward) I’m always getting state as “-” for all items - screenshots from latest #2017 build, fresh install, added a single item:

while in items section I can see the value:

Tried accessing page from safari and chrome with same result, if it makes any difference.

The funniest thing is, I can see it rendered fine on my phone :slight_smile:

Please let me know if others can reproduce the same or is there something wrong ith my setup - thank you!

Sure your expression is correct ?
I Think it needs to be


I think =items.IVTGreenlineE11_Outdoor just dumps a json representation of item IVTGreenlineE11_Outdoor - so a single property state with value “-”.

Nevertheless, I tried and got


OK, rechecked and confirmed working generally :

There seems to be an issue when item name contains an underscore…

@ysc Is this already known and reported ???

which snapshot are you using? it used to work for me too …

I am using SNAPSHOT 2017

Thank you for your feedback - also does not seem to be related to “_”, just added IVTGreenlineE11ExternalHotWater with same result :frowning:

But as you can see in my screenshot, without underscore, I get correct values.

Hm, it seems to be an issue when I access it from my mac(s), can reproduce the same from two laptops running macOS Catalina 10.15.6 and 10.15.7 … tried both safari and chrome.

Works from iPhone 11 and Windows 10 laptop :thinking:

Maybe you have a proxy server that doesn’t play nice with SSE, like one set by an antivirus.
Try the “stream events” in the 2nd tab (debug) of the developer menu or the 2nd tab of the developer sidebar. If you don’t see any events appear there, you’ll have to open the browser dev tools and investigate why.

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Thank you for your spot-on suggestion - stupid me, had Charles running on my two (developer) macOS laptops. :roll_eyes:

Closing down Charles did the trick. :flushed:

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