OH3 State Transformations anomalies

Hi to community,
I have an issue with transformations in OH3. It doesn’t seem to be working work as per OH2.
The SCALE transformations I use for wind speed and wind direction ARE working!
So for example, SCALE(beaufort.scale):%s DOES work in the Pattern window of State Description and items display the correct conversion between wind degrees and Compass points.
MAP(rain.map):%s for my rain sensor to convert closed/open to rain/dry does NOT work in the Pattern window of State Description unless I type the raw map values manually into the OPTIONS window. I can’t get ANY MAP transformations to work unless they’re entered in the options window!
Everything worked perfectly in OH2 so it has nothing to do with missing files or failure to install the transformation add-ons. I think it’s bug but hopefully somebody can prove me wrong or share their experience.

I think you can find the problem in this thread.
We can not MAP transform channels with options.

Hi Michael,
Many thanks for your reply. I was starting to think nobody had this problem!
I followed your link to that topic and have sort of reposted my original query as a reply.
There is definitely odd behaviour with transformations.
SCALE transformations DO work when the file is referenced in the Pattern window of the State Description but MAP transformations DON’T work unless you type your raw lines into that OPTIONS window.