OH3 Tado setpoint doesn't show

I have added tado to my new OH3 setup and set the target temperature to “setpoint”, but I don’t get any setpoint. I see only the temperature and if I click on it I see the graph.
So there is no way to set the target temperature.

What do I wrong?

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The word “setpoint” is short for “setpoint temperature” i.e. the target temperature that the controller will regulate to. Probably your heating system is currently off, so the target / setpoint temperature is the frost protection low limit (5 °C)…

I guess that you want to adjust the setpoint / target via openHAB user interface? If that is the case in Main UI you need to edit the Item’s Semantic Class and change it from “Measurement” to “Setpoint”…

This might help explain:

Yes I want to adjust it. The same as in OH2.
As you see I have already set the semantic class to “Setpoint” and not “Measurement”.

Thanks for the info.
I use currently no extra page. I navigate and use the “location” default tab.
If I understand correctly that this is not supported at the moment on the default “location” tab.

Ok I understand. I think that’s not possible in plain Main UI. But perhaps someone else knows it better than me?

The location cards in the default location tab are populated by a list widget the contains one line for each of the items that are semantically associated with that location. Each line in that list widget is a list-item widget and in the default cards of the overview page that list-item widget is always represented by that item’s default list-item widget. The default list-item widget that comes out of the box with MainUI for number items does not have any element that lets you change the number. This doesn’t mean that the feature is not supported, it just means that it is not one of the default options.

MainUI is incredibly flexible and lets you change those default list-item widgets to anything you want, so you can make your own list-item widget that gives you all the control you’d like and then set that as the default list-item widget for any items you choose. In the link I posted above, there is another link to a detailed how-to for building and setting custom default list-item widgets. With just a little bit of that custom widget building you can have anything (very nearly) that you want in your default location cards.

Thanks for the info.

I understand, but I find it really strange that there is no standard setpoint widget because also in the documentation I have seen such widget:

Anyway, I will check the custom widget building link you have posted.
Thanks again.

For all those who have the same problem.
There is a default widget for this, but it does not display automatically if you set “setpoint”.

Tap on “Add Metadata” and on “Default List Item Widget”.
Now select “oh-stepper-item” and you get the setpoint widget with +/- !