[OH3] TR-064 Thing Properties

Referring to this article

I like to achieve this using the HTTP binding configured via the MainUI.

So, I have:

The result:

Requesting '' (method='GET', content='null') failed: 404 Not Found

Testing this query using the API Explorer, all works fine. And issueing a CURL request on a CLI works also.

Anyone, any idea?

I think you need the AVM-Binding in addition. With this Binding you get the Device Informations.

That one is installed also.
But, the TR-064 is actually providing this information via a REST-API call.

may be this will help you:

Ok, I tried the suggested link again,

and figured, I had some cut & paste issues in that provided rule. :roll_eyes:

So, although I made a step forward, I would like to see that working using the HTTP binding.