OH3 TR-064 Thing Properties as Channel?

I have already migrated in a very smooth way from OH 2.5.11 to OH 3.

Need to do some changes in my items files for the new TR-064 binding and they are working.
But i am missing some channels for my FB7590. The missing channels als prompted under “Information” as “Thing Properties”.

Is there a way to get these information as channel like in the OH2 Binding?

Have you tried to do another scan in the binding “adding things”? It will discover other things with different channels

I’ve already scanned for the subdevices. But the shown thing properties are only prompted on the bridge, not on the subdevices.

What channels are missing in your opinion ? Information shown in your screenshot are - apart from SoftwareVersion - static, so per definition properties and no channels.
Even SoftwareVersion is not worth to be a channel IMHO, as it is nothing to change daily/weekly or so…

I got you wrong. As hmerk mentioned it’s probably not worth, but you could use the REST API. Just go to Dev Tools and get the Data from the API. Maybe you can parse the data with the http binding and a json transformation.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s a solution I would try…

What channels are missing in your opinion ?

You are right. The information given under “Thing Properties” is nothing that changes very often.

I use the modelName in the overview of my sitemap and also the softwareVersion and serialNumber on the detailed view of my fritzbox.

As hmerk mentioned it’s probably not worth, but you could use the REST API.

I haven’t worked with the API yet. But i’ll give it a try. There should be enough time for try&error in the current situation :smiley:

I found a working solution for my purposes.

A rule is doing the API Call, transform the string into different values and push the values into the items.
Here is the code if someone wants to use is too.

var String logName = “Fritzbox”

rule “Fritzbox API Calls”
System started or
Time cron “0 0 * * * ?” // jede Stunde
val ApiCall = sendHttpGetRequest(“http://user:password@openhabhost/rest/things/tr064%3Afritzbox%uniqueid”, 10000)
val ModelName = transform(“JSONPATH”, “$.properties.ModelName”, ApiCall.toString)
val SoftwareVersion = transform(“JSONPATH”, “$.properties.SoftwareVersion”, ApiCall.toString)
val SerialNumber = transform(“JSONPATH”, “$.properties.SerialNumber”, ApiCall.toString)
val fblabel = transform(“JSONPATH”, “$.label”, ApiCall.toString)
logInfo(logName, “Fritzbox Thing Properties pushed into items.”)

@hmerk But there are actually two missing channels that are more dynamic than the thing properties mentioned before. I am also missing the “Downstream Current Rate” and “Upstream Current Rate” from the v2 Binding. Is there a chance to add these two channels or to get values via API Call?

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