OH3 | Value of items not visible Main UI Windows 10 but Android is OK

  • Platform information:
  • Hardware: Raspberry PI 4
  • OS: Pi OS
  • Java Runtime Environment: 11
  • openHAB version: 3

Does anyone have any idea why item value is not visible on Windows 10 Chrome / Edge but on Android Google Chrome no problem?




When i go to the items view in Main-UI I see values like temperature and on /off
But not in pages on Windows desktop

Check if you have a proxy server (incl. antivirus) interfering with the SSE connection:

my fix

thanks for your feedback. I read these tips somewhere on the forum, probably in a topic where you wrote that.

For me that is not the solution, I have the option “Implicit user role for unauthenticated requests” turned on but nothing is changed.

I don’t have the problem on my android devices.
so far I only see it on Windows 10 with Main UI.
Basic UI and Happanel are working correct.

Yannick indicated that it may be related to an SSE connection that is being blocked.
I disabled my virus scanner and windows firewall but this hasn’t changed it.
Maybe some other app/service is blokking SSE connection.

when I go to my item list (Main UI), I see that temperature value and on / off status is filled in / visible, but no item value is visible on a card or on a widget on a page

Anything tip and help are welcome.

Maybe there is a test method to see if SSE conections are getting blocked!?

I have found the cause of the problem.

What Yannick said (SSE connection blocked) made sense.
So i started digging and finally i found the cause.
A small part of my Virus scanner was blocking the SSE connection.

“Web Protection: Enable to block websites that are known to have malware.”

I have yet to figure out the security risk of disabling this option. but I guess this is acceptable.

Thank you Yannick and everyone who contributed. This text will be hidden