OH4 => 4.1 GUI doesn't show installed bindings

The question is: Why is the bundle in “Installed” state. This could be the cause of the issues. Can you do diag 246 on the console?

As I was testing the new release I have uninstalled this kar few days ago and replaced a few times with newer versions. Can’t easily go back to check.

Can you please tell us what you have in Main UI | Settings | Add-on Management | Include (Potentially) Incompatible Add-ons … and if enabling/disabling the setting causes any improvement?

It was disabled in my case.

Same for me. Upgraded from 4.1.0 to 4.1.1 and then restored a backup from 4.1.0 as no binding installed and all my things were offline. After restore (downgrade) all my things are online but now I cannot add a new thing as my bindings are not listed on UI.

Is there a known working method (workaround) till this is fixed? 4 times cache clear and restart works? Should I go this way? I’m on docker controller. Do I need to stay at 4.1.0 or upgrade to 4.1.1?

Some have reported problems with (old) custom bindings (jar’s dropped in the addons folder) , check if you have any of them. I ended up reinstalling it all :man_shrugging::woozy_face:

Is this problem fixed?
I have same issue. All my bindings works … but i miss all installed bindings in ui.