OH4 on ARMV6

Hello, I have a RaspberryPI 1 model B+ (ARMV6) that I’ve always used with openHab: few “things” and “items”, but always functional and quite reactive (mostly routines). Until yesterday I was using the OH 3.4 release without problems with Java Zulu 11 32bit. I tried to install OH 4, but I have some problems with Java (requires JDK 17 which I can’t find for ARMV6). Is there a solution for this board?
Thank you

Which OS are you running? I think there are some JREs built for ARMV6 but none that are available on Buster or earlier. So is it really an architecture problem or is it an OS problem?

Hi @AntaresTeo
If you run on Buster, this might be related to OH4 on buster - #40 by mstormi

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I’d change hardware. OH4/JRE17 seem to be using quite some more memory than OH3/JRE11 so it might be getting too tight even if you find some JDK to work.

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Did you try Zulu 17 ?

Unfortunately there is no ARMv6 version of Zulu for the Buster OS :frowning:
As suggested by Jens Dollenbacher, I made a backup of the configuration (I have the files for items and things), installed OH4 from scratch and imported.