[OH4 StartUp WARN] The transformation add-on 'javascript' does not exist - ignoring it

I did startOH 4 with a fresh openhabian install on a raspi4 and used a BackUp from 3.4.2 to get all things, items etc…
Since I used JavaScript Transformation before, the restore from BackUp did put it on the “list” for installs.
How can I remove this transformation from this “list”?

The file “/var/lib/openhab/config/org/openhab/addons.config” does show this entry, but that is not a place for user interference (IMHO).

Perhaps not but that’s the only way I know of to remove it. It’s not actually installed so you can’t do it with karaf console nor the REST API. If you are not already using /etc/openhab/addons.cfg you probably don’t want to start doing so now.

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The following startup was nice and clean :smiley:

Many thanks from an

I have the same problem.
I removed addons.config and restarted openhab.
Afterwards this file was created automatically with the following content:


But my problem is the same. Hundreds of warnings like

2023-07-29 01:28:17.161 [WARN ] [s.internal.SingleValueTransformation] - couldn’t transform response because transformationService of type ‘JS’ is unavailable

Any suggestions?

I used this method as well as editing: /var/lib/openhab/config/org/openhab/addons.config

Mine looked like this:

openha-cli console
config:edit org.openhab.addons
config:property-set transformation regex,jsonpath

Then restarted OH4 and no more javascript messages.


The posted WARN tells that your setup uses a JavaScrpt transform (in a sitemap file for example).

and how can I find it in my sitemaps?

Search for any of your .js files mentioned in your sitemap files.

Hi, ich habe oh4 im qnap container und scheinbar keine openhab-cli console
Wenn ich den container beende, und im addons.config

javascript entferne… ist es nach dem neustart wieder da…weil es wohl irgendwo in der db och steht… oder ?

irgendwelche ideen ?

Yes, english please, this is an international community! :wink:

Did you edit this file:

It is in there as well.

Sorry, didn’t recognized it yesterday when looking quick for a solution…
I have openhab running in a qnap container and migrated via a new docke/composer file to version 4. I have mounted volumes outsite the container with all my items, tthings etc. files and for sure i also edited the addons.config… once after having stopped the container… once within the running container… allways it come back! I don’t have the openhab-cli console or the path is not mounted… i cannot run it… i only have console access to the container… where to look for openhab-cli maybe or which oher solution is possible? is there another adaption to made for using oh4 instead of oh3?

I have the same issue on my system. I mv addons.cfg to addons.cfg.bak. I get this message on every reboot and if i remove or install bindings.
There is no .js on my sitemap.

See @ubeaut’s reply above. If you are not using addons.cfg, there is a different file to check as well.

OK now I understand.

openhab-cli console
config:edit org.openhab.addons
config:property-set transformation regex,jsonpath,exec,...
ctrl d

This will edit both files:

Important is, that you check your list before you set transformation. Only javascript isn’t needed here. I copy what i get in list and remove javascript.
My list look like this: regex,jsonpath,exec,map,regex,jinja

For me that is the real solution for this issue.