OHv2: is there one admin interface?

I pulled OHv2 last year in August 2017 and got stuck at a screen asking me which admin interface I want to use. I did not know the answer and continued using OHv1. This web page is still open :smiley:

So I thought today, why not give it another shot, but wondered, what happened to the admin interfaces.

My question is: is there now one interface from which I can manage and configure OH v2? If so, which one is it?

Yes, I am f’n lazy due to being very time poor, hence, appreciate any answer and forgiveness. Thanks.

Try Standard setup

Then try PaperUI for administration.

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Get your a*s up and read at least part of the docs:https://www.openhab.org/docs/configuration/#versatility


While it is admittedly incomplete, the Beginner’s Tutorial should get you started.

Since you are coming from OH 1.x, the Migration Tutorial should answer most questions like this and present you with a tested path to migration that will require the minimum of changes necessary to bring what you have running now up and running on OH 2.x. Then at your leisure, when you have time, you can migrate to newer versions of the bindings.

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:smiley: Thanks…
This is a great link; it means for me that I do not need a UI at all; no need for auto discovery and no Z-wave = textural it is.