ON / OFF n3 charts in HABPanel?

Is it possible to do n3 charts of switches (configured via Paper UI) with ON/OFF states in the jdbc DB?

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Interested in this too…

Recent builds (later than the 2.0.0 release) include the timeline widget.

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I’m going to bump this thread because I’m also curious.
I’d like to include the satus of a switch (heating on/off) in the same graph as actual-temperature.
Currently I use an additional variable and swith the value to 1/0 with a rule when heating is on/off.

Plus one. Additional variable work-around is not very nice if it is not needed.

Another bumb :-). Might it be possible to include some mapping inside the graph?

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Bumb, yes, would like this to.

Plus one. Need another variable to display status of a switch.