One Item (Switch) for Switching to different items in parallel, based shelly's switches (shelly1)

Hallo zusammen,

ich würde nun, nach dem ich mehrere Things im Betrieb habe (shelly1 Relais als Taster),
zwei von denen gleichzeitig, durch eine “Schalter” im Classic UI schalten.
Wir kann ich mit Boardmitteln (durch PaperUI, HabminUI), NICHT durch editieren von Konfig Files, hier ein Thing mit passendem Schalter generieren?

Danke das ein Beginner hier Feedback bekommt.

Hi, you shurely will get feedback if you post your question in english.
This is an international community and therefore communication is limited to english.

I think you have to put them into a Group.
And then you can switch the Group

Thanks for the feedback so far.
I will try to translate.

I have severals Shelly1 Switches installed as short cut switch (1 sec) switch to open
my garage door and my door from the houseground.
So I need to press two times each single switch to open then the garage and the ground door.

Now I want to combine this with a new item (switch) which uses the existing booth seperate switches item.

How can I combine on a single switch in the UI that booth item get at the same time the action to open.

As I’m not able to make scripts, I want to make this with PaperUI and or Habmin UI.


Simply speakin, you can’t.
First off all, Basic and Classic UI use the old Sitemap concept, which is setup through sitemap files.
Second, you will need to create a rule which triggeres the second device when the first one receices a command. This could be achieved with the NGRE (Next Generation Rule Engine) in PaperUI or with a “follow” profile. I am not shure if PaperUI supports the profiles right now, but configuration of items should be done in items files.

You better translate the topic header as well to get more attraction.

Now comes in my mind. This is already build in the Shelly Frimware.
Search for “Actions” in the ShellyAPP

Thanks for the feedback with “Actions” in the Shelly APP.

Bit this soultion would mean, that all the time the Shelly#1 triggers Shelly#2
and arround. BUt what to do when the garage door is already open? then
the one would close and the other will open.

So I need a OH soultion with an addtional button.

Any Idea?


Like I said, create a rule.

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OK. How can I bring the rule in a button with the rule under the classic UI or PaperUI?
to use it on my mobile?

Have you read any documentation about openHAB ? It seams you haven’t.

For the Rules, please check this

Yes, I have. I use arround 20 rules (NG Rules) for doing things automatic, time based on trigger based (e.g less the 10Watt, switch off power plug)

My question is, how can I active (press the start for the rule) with a button under classic UI and or Paper UI? in the e.g. Android Client.

So I don’t understand your question, as you already use what you need.

For what you want to achieve, you need tree Items, one for each Shelly1 and a virtual Item, not bound to any channel.

In Your Sitemap, you just show the virtual Item.

Your rule should use this virtual Item as a trigger (received command), and then send the appropriate commands to each Shelly device (FirstShelly.sendCommand(“ON”) for example).

@scheuerer I don’t know if I got your quetsion as intended as well, but I try an answer.

  1. Define an item with an item file. Name “Schalter”.
  2. Write a rule: which works like: if the state of “Schalter” changes from off to on then do swith on both items
  3. you can use the item “schalter” in der paper ui and Android client.

may be this helps, basicly it is what hmerk did mention.

As mentioned above you could do something like this:

rule "test"
    Item Schalter changed    // The proxy item created
    if(Door1.state == ON && Door2.state == ON){  

Did you look at @Peter_Aschinger Group suggestion?
If you create a Group Item bothDoors, you can add Items doorA and doorB to that Group.
Now, when you send a command to bothDoors from rule or UI, the command is passed to both member Items more or less at the same time.
You can put a Group Item on your sitemap using a Switch widget.

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Hello all,

thanks for all you suggestions.
can someone post a oictzre, how I can create a item in PaperUI what infornation is need.
I do not want to create the item file only OS level.



Did you notice the blue icon with the plus sign on the Config-Items page on PaperUI?
Using that one a switch is almost created by default, just give it a name.
Although IMHO an item which is not linked to a channel will NOT show on the Control tab of PaperUI!

Yes, I know this Icon. But I assume it will not help me, if it is not shown in the control without a chanel?

You were talking about using BasicUI in your first post, so you should use this. Don‘t use the control section in PaperUI for every day usage. PaperUI is just an administrative UI not a control UI.

Hello, where is the different, if you use PaperUI or BasicUI for switching on off for switches?

Anyhow, so me me it seems, that with the given UI’s, HabMin, PaperUI, it is not psssible to add a Item “switch” which is not a “physical switch” in for from a Thing with Items, to have to Items combined somehow. More or less this not I was expecting for OH somehow.