One Z-Wave dimmer thing, one switch item one dimmer item


I have recently moved my entire OpenHab 1 setup to OpenHab 2. Overall this has been really quite easy and I have been impressed with OpenHab 2.

However there is one issue with my Fibaro Dimmers (FDG211), I have one thing which is bound to each dimmer and two items (one switch, one dimmer). With OpenHab one when I changed the switch or the dimmer then the other updated, ie if the dimmer was at 50% and I turned off the switch, then the dimmer went to 0%. This behavior seems to be broken in OpenHab2 although oddly, just for my Fibaro dimmers. I have some popp dimmer plug sockets which do not exhibit the above behavior.

I have also found this post which I think may suggest the same behaviour happens with the new Fibaro dimmer 2 also:

Does anyone have any ideas? or can any one verify this behavior or suggest how I am being dumb?