Fibaro Dimmer 2 State (ON/OFF and DIM)


I have tested Openhab2 beta4 with z-wave binding 2.0 and Habmin2.

I don’t find reason why Fibaro Dimmer 2 Switch doesn’t work correctly.
Switch state goes OFF when DIM level is 1-100 %
Switch item send ON and OFF correctly so light is working.

I use only channel=switch_dimmer.
I have added Fibaro Dimmer 2 to Association Groups
Sends BASIC SET command class frame according to the state of the devi = Openhab controller

Switch LightBut “Kitchen” (EKLights) { channel=“zwave:device:846c4a70:node4:switch_dimmer” }
Dimmer LightDim “Kitchen Dimmer” (EKLights) { channel=“zwave:device:846c4a70:node4:switch_dimmer” }

Frame label=“Light Control”{
Switch item=Lights mappings=[OFF=“All OFF”]
Group item=EKLights

Thanks for your help!