Onewire Binding is not working as expected

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspi 3+ with KNX and 1-W hardware board - all working fine
    • OS: Raspbian - latest
    • Java Runtime Environment: Docker image and container
    • openHAB version: 2.5.0: latest
  • Issue of the topic:
  • onewire binding and all 6 sensors (DS18b20) are configured via discovery in PaperUI as recommended
  • because of that I don’t have a dedicated things file - as I understand the onewire binding documentation it is not required (?)
  • under things listing all sensors and owserver are online
  • everything seems to be well.
  • all sensor things have been configed with 120s refresh time - I need that for temperature control of my heating

in the event.log I only see 1, 2 or 3 of the sensors; sometimes the sensors change but the refresh is not as expected on the configured refresh time per sensor

I had the same problem with OH2.4 so 2.5 didn’t bring any improvement.

What is wrong with my configuration? I would appreciate any hepl to get this solved.

Thanks in advance

I do not use this binding, my disclaimer, but have you tried restarting OH since making changes to your configuration? Not sure if this is needed or not but some binding, at least in the past, required a restart after making a change.

After a restart, all things are back online again but no more update at all for any sensor!
Config per sensor is still 120s.

Are you running OH in a Docker container and how did you restart OH?

yes I’m running OH in a container; restart via
“docker restart container_name”

I do not use docker, will need to search for the correct way to start/stop OH running in docker. Also does docker have enough ram on a Pi3 to work well? Could that be the cause for lag?

@mobil750 not sure if this topic will help or not but it did mention docker running on Pi3.

Docker and OH are working very well on P3+; there is no issue; it’s the Onewire Binding which is not relyable regarding refresh times.

I use a docker-compose file; here my file
openhab2_5.yml.txt (491 Bytes)
you have to remove the “.txt” extension because it is a YAML file; further you have to create the external folders mentioned in the file; if you have a running OH version you can prefill these folders and then start it with

  • cd “folder with docker-compose file”
  • “docker-compose -f openhab2_5.yml up -d”

But I would appreciate to get support for my onewire binding issue

Item updates to the same value are not normally shown in events.log, only changes.
What makes you think updates are not happening?

If in doubt, you could “listen” with a rule and look for output in openhab.log

rule "check sensor update"
   Item mySensor received update
   logInfo("test", "Updated " + triggeringItem.state.toString)

I use such rules per sensor to forward it to KNX bus. The logs are at same low rate as the OW Events.
This causes that my heating controler changes to emergency operation (missing input values over time).

This is a long thread, but gives you insight on using TRACE and what you might expect to see