Onkyo TX-NR708? are the listed receiver the only compatible receivers?

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Just wondering if the list of compatible receivers is just the ones that have been tested with the binding or they are the only ones that will work?

I’m looking to buy an onkyo TX-NR708, I found a good deal on it. which I think should work unless there is some reason it shouldn’t?

Have a look here. :slight_smile:

Thank you, I searched for threads like this, but didn’t find any.

Unfortanately I bought the receiver (off craigslist) and the hdmi board is bad. I took it to a shop and they said they can fix it in 3-4 weeks. So Ill have to wait for it to come back to play with the binding. At least I got it cheap enough that repairing it is still worth while.

Anyway thanks for the reply

Your welcome.
I have had problems with ethernet on mine, but got a warranty repair.
Luckily I have a Harmony IR solution for everyday use. OH2 integration is just nice to have :slight_smile:

if you don’t mind which receiver do you have?

I really only bought this to tie me over till my HDMI matrix gets here, I knew I would eventually want a good receiver for my home theater, and this one offered a 2nd zone which I want to use for my kitchen and back deck, and of course it has rs232 (to fall back on if the openhab binding doesn’t work).

:slight_smile: (click him!)

OMG sorry for asking, should have spotted that.