Openhab 2.0.0 - what happened to Alexa and Hue Emulation?


just several days ago it simply stopped working without any changes done. alexa says that ‘server is unresponsive’ to any attempts to command lights exposed via hue emulation - the core reason openhab was used.

Erasing all devices from Alexa and rediscovering them via Hue hub v1 path found them - so it still communicates somehow, but it shows now all iems as envelopes instead of lights and from alexa app all control buttons are gone. What is all that, is there any solution?

PS. ok, a 1 min googling shows that there is a new skill for openhab and it seemed to resolve the issue - but - is hue emulation way now dead?

What version do you run - do you REALLY mean you used to run openHAB 2.0.0 ?? We’re at 2.4 now.
Hue emulation is available, too. Note the pulldown menu in the upper right corner.

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Thx for thread reference, it is exactly what happened to me too. Using openhab skill it works now without hue emulation, i presume it is no more. Yes, i am on old 2.0 build as to upgrade openhab is a major pain and all works fine as is.

I guess not anymore. It may be time to upgrade. There will be major structural changes between2.4 and 2.5 too. It has been delayed due to the major changes but it is becoming more stable with the Milestone 3 release.

@Paul_Atkin not to get off topic to this thread, but since 2.0 upgrades are very transparent. If you keep up with incremental builds.

I wanted to point these things out is all. Glad you have it working again.

This is years old, full of bugs and incompatible to a lot of more recent things. You REALLY should upgrade to 2.4 or 2.5M1.

Be aware that there are several breaking changes between OH2.0 and OH2.4 (and even more to OH2.5M3), but nothing, that can’t be dealt with.

I recently upgraded from OH1.8 to OH2.5 (an old nightly) and for sure I had to change some lines of code, but all in all my code is much shorter now :slight_smile:

Why M1?
M2 should work fine. I haven’t experienced M3 yet because I have been working on other aspects of my system.

He’s conservative and M1 is best proven to work (because it’s been out much longer than the others and it was BEFORE the ESH merge).
No need for anything newer as he’s even satisfied by 2.0(!)

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In my experience M2 is as stable as M1 while having the ESH integration.

From the posts here, I may skip M3 since M2 seems to satisfy my needs currently.
Both M1 and M2 are testing versions anyway, not stable.

Honestly i simply see no reason to upgrade for the sake of upgrading. As of simplicity - upgrade was never simple and never worked properly, usually it meant complete reinstall with re-entering of all things, reassignment of all light switches, to redo whole house is no fun at all. Plus i run it on a cent-os linux server that was also adding up fun. So far all runs fine minus the hue hub that is not needed anyway anymore.

And, true, last upgrade was done in 2017. All runs fine since then.

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Right on!.. 2 years since last post… awesome Paul, this is the stuff we love OpenHAB for, that kind of stability! You are the silent majority we all to often overlook here!


It isn’t for its own sake. Here’s a post I wrote 2 yrs ago on OH1->OH2 upgrade reasons and it all still is true and applies to your situation, too (although you can expect much less hassle going from 2.0 to 2.4 as in principle it is compatible).

As things were introduced with OH2 and you say you run 2.0.0 you can just have gone through one such upgrade. Upgrading from OH1 to OH2 meant to create things and redo major parts of the config and rules.
Upgrading 2.X to 2.Y does not.

Nevertheless here you are, asking for help.

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