openHAB 2.0 beta4 has been released!

Hi all,

It was time again to do a beta release for 2.0, which you can now find at (with downloads on Bintray).

I think this distro made a huge step forward in terms of reliability of the startup behavior and many of the bindings are already in productive use by many users and thus equally tested and stable.

I’d specifically like to mention that HABmin is now included as an official (but optional) user interface for openHAB (thanks @chris!) as well as HABPanel, which is in an early, but very promising phase and thus so far only included as an experimental feature (activate experimental features in Configuration->System first, before it appears in the addons list) - a big thanks to @ysc for this fantastic UI, I hope it will continue to evolve this nicely!

Besides these functional additions, we now also have working debian packages (thanks to @theo!) and the new documentation website is getting up to speed thanks to @ThomDietrich taking the lead on it.

As people regularly ask about the plans for a final 2.0 release: I cannot promise anything myself, since I very much depend on the help and the contributions from all of you, but my personal goal would be to finish the most critical missing parts of openHAB 2 by the end of this year, so that we can declare GA by early January. In the coming weeks, I will try to come up with a list of topics that we still need to address for this and I count on you to then help ticking the entries off quickly - so stay tuned!

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Great news! When I saw my log files shrink after a recent nightly build I knew something was working well :wink:

I still think i’ll be working with nightly builds but it’s nice to see something firm in place with all the recent work included.


great news, thanks for that!
Will the iOS app also be updated soon, are there any plans?


I’d hope so - @digitaldan is the guy who tries to move that forward!

@Kai great work team :hugs::hugs:

After a few weeks of struggling with OH2 (mostly due to my own inexperience) , I can only come to one conclusion: what an impressive step this is for openHAB. Big thank you to all the people that made this possible…

GOOD NEWS: Congratulations to all the contributors and to @Kai.

@cniweb: Are you going to update the Synology Package?


So cool, thanks!!

I have tried to activate HABpanel and even with your instructions I was unable to make it available under Services… is anyone having the same troubles as me?


I don’t see it listed under interfaces…Clicking on Configuration -> Services only shows Basic UI and Classic UI, Extensions->User Interfaces shows the following:

Basic UI ui-basic - 2.0.0.b4
Classic UI ui-classic - 2.0.0.b4
CometVisu ui-cometvisu - 2.0.0.b4
HABmin ui-habmin - 2.0.0.b4
Paper UI ui-paper - 2.0.0.b4
PHP support for CometVisu ui-cometvisu-php - 2.0.0.b4

(with Basic, Classic and Paper being the only installed UI’s)

Is there an easy way to add a binary of HabPanel?

If you haven’t, you will need to enable the experimental addons repo.

I had to restart the system and it appears

Great work guys !!

I started my openHAB walkaround 5 days ago, this project is awesome.
Congrats to everyone involved !

Refreshing the browser of the Paper UI should actually be enough!

Great news guys!
I have to say I’ve been avoiding 2.0 up until now due to the “big unknown” but after having a look at the new documentation website I’m feeling I could probably manage setting it up on my new windows server… So that’s a big bit of positive encouragement from me! The “beginner” type documentation will be very instrumental in getting more people to make the switch from OH 1.x to 2.x… Keep up the great work!

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One can also add the “Rule Engine (Experimental)”, which adds it to the main menu. I will play with this no matter what the answer is, but what stage is this at? ie is it functional, should we log bugs against it?

For information, is beta 4 identical to snapshot 479 ?

OK, found the problem: offline package has not included HABpanel… was it intended that way?

That’s how it is with the experimental features (and I think the setting says that you need to activate the online repo, right?).

Almost, but not quiet :wink:

It is still under development at Eclipse SmartHome - the engine itself is working pretty well already, but there aren’t many “modules” available yet, which makes it a bit useless for users.

Issues and enhancements about it are tracked here, feel free to join the discussions:

Ouch, that could be the “problem” hehehe, I will check it out again but what you say should be right =)

I updated from 2.0b3 to 2.0b4 by replacing the runtime directory with the zip downloaded from bintray. When I go to add extensions from Paper UI, nothing shows up. Doing a search appears to do nothing as well. See below.

Am I missing something?

edit: It’s running on Ubuntu 16.04 on a Pine64.

edit2: it was a permissions problem on the runtime directory.