openHAB 2.0 is out!


It is my pleasure to announce that we have reached the openHAB 2.0 release!
A big thanks to everyone, especially to all @maintainers which had many long nights in the past week(s), dealing with preparations, packaging, testing and documentation.

I have written a blog post that summarizes what openHAB 2.0 brings over 1.x.

The binaries are available on Bintray as well as via apt stable and openHABian.

The source code repositories have now been switched to version 2.1.0-SNAPSHOT (resp. 1.10.0-SNAPSHOT for 1.x add-ons) - so this is what you will find on Cloudbees starting tomorrow.

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Thumbs up!

Congratulations to the Openhab developers and all people involved!

I hope that the Z-Wave binding will become more stable too :slight_smile:

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Very good work! I migrated from openhab 1 this Saturday, so much better overall experience in openhab 2!

Any feeling for how often the stable build will be updated?

Simply, the best solution out there… :clap:

openHAB 2 has proven to be the most flexible and most robust solution for my home automation hobby ! :+1:

I’m using openHAB for just around 1,5 years now, most of that time the 2.0 snapshot version. It’s just amazing how much it has evolved over that time alone. I’m looking forward to all future developments, there are so many possibilities and openHAB has the potential.


Yeah! Thanks for giving me a hobby :slight_smile:

Great, great work!
Awsome community!

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The @Kai’s announcement gets some traction on reddit too :wink:

Just amazing! Hat off to all contributers and maintainers! Fantastic work :slight_smile:

So happy and proud!

Thanks to all supporters…a great step for us all!!!

BR Mehmet

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Excellent news! Thanks for all the hard work. I do have a question. I have been using openHAB2 for some time and just recently switched to the new apt-get distribution that no longer required the “offline” or “online” I am willing and able to switch over this stable release but I am not exactly clear what I need to do to my apt-get sources.list.

I can see that you can do this:

echo “deb {distribution} {components}” | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list

but do I need to remove the previous source and do I then have to install openhab or can I do an upgrade and will it switch to the new version as was the case with the “offline” switching to the later source.

Yes. It should be safe to switch over. The instructions given in docs take care of overwriting the existing source file and uninstalling openhab2-offline.

As always: If other than expected something goes wrong, just restore the backup you made beforehand :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for the update and the link. - I will update my installation in the next day or so.

Congrats from the Eclipse Foundation in Zwingenberg who is changing from Snapshot to release soon!

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How to install it? I mean is it similar to install the package openhab2-offline snapshot?

Follow the instructions three posts above yours and choose “Official release”

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Thanks for the effort to all the Team involved!!


Many thanks to all who contributes to release oH2!

Awesome work guys, thanks for all your hard work! OH2 is amazing, and so the helpfiles now are!

Thanks Kai and all other for contributing to this platform.
I have been using openHAB for ca. 1.5 year now, and upgraded to OH2 a couple of weeks ago.
What a big difference compared to the previous release, great work!