openHAB 2.4 has been released!


Just in time for the holiday season, it is my pleasure to announce that openHAB 2.4 has been published!
You can find all changes in the official release notes and some additional infos in the blog post about it on our new website.

Many thanks to everyone who was involved in making this release possible!

The development version has already switched to 2.5.0-SNAPSHOT now, where all new development will take place.

Kind regards,


Thanks Kai!

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Thanks! Now I have finally something to do! :wink:

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Thank you! That’s gonna save Christmas holidays!

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Thank you guys for the great job done and to do. Merry Christmas to you all :slight_smile:

Thank you All for the work done, really appreciated!!!

Thanks guys, somethincg to work on until christmas, but what if I’m not ready at the weekend. Staying away from home the first time for Christmas and having no VPN (thanks to a new internet-connection) will be hard to stand.

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Thanks for all the work guys! Merry, Merry Christmas!!

@Kai A small note: It looks like the documentation is not updated…

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Many thanks for your efforts Openhab team. Merry Christmas to all of you !!

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FYI, the link ‘breaking changes’ goes nowhere


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Scroll to the bottom of the page.

IMO, the Hue Emulation changes should be added to this list though, since people will likely need to make some changes to get it working properly. Only the Lighting tag will currently work in the US, use of group items will require a type in order to be discovered, and Number Items cannot be used.

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Thanks for noticing, now they do.

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Great job, many thanks to all contributors, testers, …

Thanks! Just updated from 2.4RC1 to 2.4Final. Had to clear cache because many bindings were gone. Maybe this has to be in the update workflow.

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Thanks a lot to all contributors :metal:

Very Happy to see the MQTT 2.4 binding and the extended Hue-binding with sensor support under the roof of Eclispesmarthome.

My wish for next Christmas is the same for the Apple-Homekit-Integration - maybe it could be waked up from the sleeping beauty - in German called “Dornröschenschlaf”?

As an early adaptor of Telekom’s VDSL with Entertain it would be great to see SmartHome-Bindings for the subsequent product MagentaTV. I was very impressed to play around with the 1st Testversion of this binding :sunglasses:

The TelekomTV Binding will be in the next release, you should watch the upcoming milestone builds for 2.5 It was a bit to late for the 2.4 release…

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I don’t wait for the milestones - openHABian does a great job an give me the snapshots every day if i want :wink:

There is a HTTP v2 binding in the making and the hue binding learns to speak https.
The openHAB world doesn’t stand still.


My Update just failed and given me a kernal panic…

Thank you Kai! And I wish you all a merry christmas :blush: