Openhab 2.5.3 - problems recently with switch items....going OFF after sending ON and vice-versa

recently i have problems (i assume even before 2.5.3) on a RPI3 with Gen5 Stick from Aeontec that various plug switches go to the old state a few secs after openhab sent a command.

very annoying as my system is not reliable anymore, some days no problems, some other days a few items do not what they suppose to do…it happens with Popp switches, Fibaro…
Also checked association groups but they seem to be all set to controller.
Thanks a lot, would be very happy if my systems is reliable as all the other years before…

An example:

2020-03-25 06:00:00.159 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item 'WellWater_Switch' received command ON
2020-03-25 06:00:00.219 [nt.ItemStatePredictedEvent] - WellWater_Switch predicted to become ON
2020-03-25 06:00:00.239 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - WellWater_Switch changed from OFF to ON
2020-03-25 06:00:34.518 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - WellWater_Switch changed from ON to OFF
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Is this something to do with zwave? Look into poll after command (a per device setting)

Last paragraph here

Ive had exactly this problem (But nothing to do with ZWave)… like a rule is being double processed. My full post with my rules etc is below.

My only solution was to downgrade to the previous version.

Im glad its not just me thats seen this behavior, though Ive been unable to narrow it down to what exactly would be the reason (rule processing engine etc). All I can be sure of, is its not my rules, as they have worked fine on X previous versions and work fine again after downgrading.

hm, i’m not sure if its 2.5.3 as it was released recently and my feeling is that it was last 1-2 weeks already. But not sure anyway. will go back and see what happens. thanks for the feedback!

I dont use RPI’s… but… I assume it would be the same… Theres an easy downgrade path, which is the following. Its pretty much all automatic with this.

sudo apt -y --allow-downgrades -y install openhab2=2.5.2-1

Though I would clear the cache and reboot after

so if you wanted to see if that was the issue or not, this should be a quick easy way to check.

P.S. Openhab will take a little longer to start on first boot after that, just like if you had performed and upgrade, but should all be working withing 3-5 minutes of a reboot/startup.

apt should have cleared the cache for you. There is no need to do it manually.


I now reverted back to 2.5.2, i’m surprised as others should see this as well if its a general problem with 2.5.3. Have you seen any messages like this on your radar?

the poll after command parameter was alway there, at least what i remember and i never touched this one from 1500 default to anything different. So this should not be the problem i hope.

I can confirm that since going back to 2.5.2-1 i do not see any issues on zwave switches anymore…all works fine again. Is there any place where we should notify as this may become an issue for others as well?


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