OpenHab 2.5 Bintray shutting down

while trying to update my server i received a a message that the bintray repo of openhab 2.5 is not signed anymore:
The repository ‘ stable InRelease’ is no longer signed.
After a quick research i found out that bintray will end its service in may.
How can i install Openhab 2.5 on a new system now/after the shutdown of bintray?

Changing the System to Openhab3 isn’t a solution for me right now.

Thanks for your help!

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I am not sure but Kai has stated there will be no more OH2 releases. I feel your pain I am still running 2.5.2.


Thanks for the fast replay and the link. I read the discussion on github and i’m quite confused right know.
Could you tell me if there will be a solution to install Openhab 2.5.x and get it fully working without bintray in the future?

I just started with openhab and have to maintain a pretty complex system. I’m pretty worried right know because it works great with openhab 2. I was very happy that i don’t have to migrate it and that i could just use a backup in case there is any problem with the server (with a fresh Openhab2 installation). I hope there will be a solution.

Since we have “just” moved to openHAB 3.0, the 2.5.x Downloads should still be available for a quite amount of time.
(While having in mind that there are still enought working openHAB 1.x environments out there and we had some years and several releases until the 1.x features/compatibility where officially removed.)

The problem linked above is a more general one, which affects all currently available downloads.
So when there is a valuable solution it will be one for openHAB 3 and openHAB 2.5.x in parallel.

Anyway i would recommend to have a look at a possible migration, when you “just have started”.
Even with a complex environment the chances are high to make the migration more difficult when your environment is evolving in the future.

I personally was planning on waiting until OH 3.1 hoping the UI matures from 3.0.

Currently, any Z-Wave users running a stable version and use new devices have no other choice than 3.1.0 snapshot for OH. OH2 build system is broken and has been disabled this past weekend.

OH3.1 snapshot bindings no longer work with 3.0.x due to infrastructure upgrades (Karaf?) The Z-Wave database is contained in the binding because the core requires all Thing definition information be in the binding.

Personally I have 3 new devices coming and to test with OH & add to the database. I have spent part of this past weekend looking for the most stable way forward.

When/while it does work, download the packages so that you are not dependent on any external service. See separate "add-ons"packages.

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I think that option prevents manual installation of addons though, or at least ones contained in that .kar file.

The only stable and supported version(s), by definition, are 3.0.x. And it has been like that in quite a while so there has been plenty of time already to start a migration.

Running versions of the addons that differ from the core version has never been supported or recommended.
Trying to get that to work is a waste of time so you must not complain when it doesn’t work out.

The current stable (and supported) version is 3.0.1 so install that.
If you want to use some new ZWave device that is not contained in there that is not a feature of that software version.
So if you insist on getting and operating ultra new hardware (note: that’s your deliberate decision, noone has to do that !) you implicitly decide to use a beta software part/feature, and that, for obvious reasons, is not part of any “stable” tagged software.
I know you dislike that view and yes it has some annoying implications but that is what it is.

In that case you or anyone can install the latest 3.1 milestone.

Anyone, when you setup or upgrade to a new OH use packages (to contain .kar’s) for addons right away so you don’t make yourself dependent on any online resource whatsoever. That’s not so clever even if there wasn’t any Bintray issue, even more so for a system that is designed to run autonomously.

You say that 3.9 is supported but the design constraints of the core requires the zwave device database to be included in the binding. Snapshot versions no longer work with 3.0. That means new devices like the. 3 I will receive tomorrow cannot be used by supported users due to backward compatibility broken during development of a minor release.

Kai’s stated solution is to wait months until 3.1 is released to get that support.

That is nonsense. There has never been any compatibility promise of a core version X with addons(bindings) versions greater than X. So nothing was ever “broken”.

I don’t know what statement you refer to. Never put up claims without correctly citing and mentioning people, @Kai in this case.
And that (claimed, presumable) statement is nonsense again so I don’t think that is what he said.
New ZWave device additions are supported in all recent 3.1 milestones and snapshots.
It’s only you to awkwardly insist on that is has to be a version called “stable” while at the same time you expect that this very same software has the latest development features (the new devices).
Milestones & snapshots are “not stable” but that’s by definition - not because they’re not “stable” in terms of reliability or any other meaning of this word. And they’re supported, too (well as far as we can speak of “support” for an OSS product).

I don’t see your problem and frankly, your ongoing ranting is annoying me and probably others.
Go install latest 3.1 milestone and you’re set.

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For support of “recent devices”, clearly the upcoming 3.1 is the correct version to wait for.


I moved to OH due to its support for my Z-Wave services and its apparent thorough release cycle osf testing. The zwave developer was very helpful in helping me make that move. In response I chose to try & contribute back to the project as a show of gratitude.

He didn’t say to wait for 3.1 Release or stable, did he. And you once more asked for
the latest stable released (bold lettering was yours).

So again: